Bno055 pcb v2


Where is the BNO055 on the PCB V2 ?

in your garbage can ! …

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Hope you haven´t got one yet. Today you would not use any of these: BNO055, Dogs2, or MMA for Roll.
Instead you should get a CMPS 14 or BNO085 they provide both roll and a heading reference. Check both CMPS14 Compass - #49 by rikko and BNO085 or BNO080 IMU - #175 by Math

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@Larsvest In the parlist downloaded in Githubp of PCB_v2, I see “MMA8452Q 3.3V - BOB-13926”
Is there an error ?
Can you give me your schematic and your partlist ?

Well not really an error, as for pcbv2 they were still used. But today you should just shift to CMPS or BNO085 over I2C instead, and not buy the old types.
But at the moment I use a BNO085 on an old PCBv2 type PCB

Maybe the coming PCBv?? will use the new type for roll, and list it in partslist.
Check the other PCB in the forum.

As I understand it The PCB does not work with the CMPS ?

I believe even PCBv1 can handle CMPS, at least Brian does.
But I don´t know how the exact programing is as I don´t have a CMPS14, and I have not seen an ino or wiring for it, maybe just over USB?

okay, I would like to have some information

You can connect it in several ways, directly in the MMA port, with 20cm max cables, to the MMA port, or using 2 PCA9615 and ethernet cable, always respecting the pins, 3.3V GND SLC SDA.