BNO085 In Stock

After a lot of sniffing about, I have found one single dealer in China who has approximately 50 BNO085 units in stock.

Only problem is that they are £100 each.

Maybe the FSM300 would be a good alternative? Cheaper and better available.

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Oooh, that looks like a viable alternative. I may order one and see how it perform. Thanks.

Its also possible to find CMPS14 in stock (in europe at least)

I have not tired with the CMPS14 as I heard it is sensitive to interference. Some have used faraday cloth to good effect, but these little purple Chinese boards seem pretty good.

Received two today and got all excited :slight_smile:

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Solid all seeding.

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Did you try this FSM300 as an alternative of bno 080.
Thanks have a good day Michel

Hi Michel, no I have not tried yet as I bought a couple of BNO085 units from the guy above.