BNO085 - preorder

For all guys who are looking for bno085:

You are able to preorder now for EUR 22,70 ex FAT at mouser expected 25/04/2022 !

4754 Adafruit | Mouser Austria


Simply, enter Quantity and select Buy !


Ordered Nov 19, 2021

Ordered Jan 29, 2022 Expected 25/04/2022, Price was a bit better then now.

Tempting 43€ with shipping just under 50€ tax threshold but risk if they somehow find it then it will be expensive, to make kit for second tractor or not :thinking:

Did you get your order - ordered end of march with expected delivery 24/4 but they have pushed it out now to June

Yes same here

The amount pending is reducing everday, wonder if they are actually shipping any out. I’m in the same boat as yourself

The amount pending reduce because people order it. I would say they shipped none so far.

delivery batch for 24/4 is Pending

I got a email with status as “notification follows*”
*As soon as we receive an estimated delivery date from the manufacturer, we will contact you

If I ordered the batch was approx. 2500 pcs for 25/4

I ordered one on April 1st then got a email saying it would ship on the 26th of April, now the status shows will advise when they receive an update from manufacturer.

Mouser were expecting 1,000 units in for 25th April and have just started bouncing orders because these have not arrived.

I have found some stock in China on AE, but they are around £50 per unit.

AE sellers keep showing stock taking orders and then cancelling hard to be sure which ones actually have stock

Yeah, they seem to have a very different business model to most. I must have messaged a dozen or more sellers, all of whom advertise stock. When asked directly they admit that don’t have any stock, but ask if you would like to order something completely different.

You cannot trust the ads on AE at all, you have to communicate directly with the seller.

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Just wait, Mouser sure has a good connection with their supplier and the order amount was over 2500 pieces (2000 pcs. presold), if Mouser can’t get it then probably nobody else can.

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Mouser advertised that they were getting 1,000 units on the 25th April. They were called a couple of weeks in advance of this and reassured the buyer that these would arrive.

They didn’t, and still haven’t :frowning:


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just received an email from mouse, with status update then shipping has been moved to September

Received email from mouser today with probably delivery date Jun 14 (my order was from Jan 29)

I just paid over £100 (GBP) each for two of these

According to three Chinese sellers, they will not be available this year.

I got an email yesterday from Mouser that the estimated ship date is now September 12, 2022 on the BNO085 that I ordered on April 1st.