BNO0X Any Luck Finding One

Hey all, getting back into my build and PCB is complete. As I have read in early posts on this subject these are hard to come by. Just thought I would reach out and see if someone maybe has a line on one or two, obviously digi-key and mouser are showing lead time of 2022. Maybe I will have to wait until then


In Europe CMPS14 - Magnetischer Kompass mit Neigungsausgleich von ROBOT ELECTRONICS - cmps14 is possible to get from de or UK. But qwic bno cant get even when try to order from USA they send back me money.

I’ve just given away my last PCB with a BNO085 on it.

Placing another order though, I’ll add a couple of extras and let everyone know when they arrive in case anyone wants one.

Order cancelled by seller… again!

It looks like they are now available again from China though, I’ve seen stocks of 10,000 units.

Problem is that they have almost tripled in price: £40 each now.

They are supposed to have it here by Dec 23. But their date estimates seem very flexible.

Thanks for the link, they are expected to be in the U.K. in January.

Personally I’ll believe it when I see it and I will be most interested in the price. A few short months ago these were freely available in any amounts for £17, but now they are £40+.

Anyone know for sure why this is?

For the same reason as everything else going up. Got a convenient and believable excuse. Sellers can blame it on “because supply chain” or “chip shortage” regardless of whether that’s actually true or not. It’s all human-caused price inflation frankly.

Now the question is, do we expect the prices to stay high, or will they return to previous levels, or something in between. 40 pounds isn’t cheap but it is a reasonable cost for building AOG. Do you buy a bunch now while you can to guarantee a smalls supply, or do you buy just what you need and wait for next summer and hope things work themselves out? This is the shared dilemma across all aspects of farming this winter!

Personally I really like the sparkfun units because they have the nice little qwiic connector on them, which is convenient if you’re also using a sparkfun i2c to ethernet extender board.


On roboshop, canadian and american site.

there are 15 cmps14 available right now.

On the adafruit BNO085 is expected for January 11. Can be ordered for 28CAD.

I got BNO08X from AliExpress, is calibration needed and if so how to do it?

The Adafruit BNO085 boards also have 2 qwiic connectors on them.

Oh that’s what I meant. The Adafruit ones. I don’t actually have any sparkfun boards.

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Is it cost that keeps people from going with a dual antenna heading system rather then dealing with single and imu?

Or what do you think is the reason. You can buy complete ready to put in a box or even in a box dual systems less antennas for 500$ and 850$ (very expensive box!) now.

Price, imu 20€~ second antenna is 300€ with tax, and additional complexity with dual sistem like PCB.

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I’ve followed Darren’s progress and, aside from his sentence truncation issue, I’ve seen the issues he has with using heading rather than COG. Pretty sure this would cause me a fair few issues given the terrain we work on. It sounds like dual as IMU is still in testing?

$500 is still double the cost of a single f9p and IMU. As far as I’m comcerned there is nothing wrong with the f9p. It NEVER looses signal and very very rarely even looses RTK. When it does it is usually single figure seconds before it returns. Also, mounting single in an existing GPS ready internal roof space (724 for example) is much neater and much less vulnerable to tree damage. This system with it’s CAN bus connectivity was also epically easy to install. Antenna/receiver mounted on the existing plate in the roof with a really simple PCB. Job done.

All that said, for my old 716 I would consider the bynav instead of the existing f9p, for curiosity if nothing else. This tractor also does all the maize drilling which is the most position critical work we do.


I orderd here… 1week delivery.

Does anybody have a diagram where to connect the BNO005 on the board?

look at this post (around the second intervention):

You have to solder wires to sda, scl, 5v + and to ground in the area labeled dog2. Then to the corresponding locations on bno085. You need power and communications, that’s all. Unless you already have a strip in there then some dupont cables would be a quick fix. [aogbox | 690x322] ( zoom in (not the best), I have cables from left to right on all 6 connections in dog 2 area; GND, empty, empty, SCL, SDA, 5V + The bno085 now resides on top of the remote control and implements optoisolators w…

If it’s Sparkfun or chinesse model it needs 3V, adafruit Bno085 have a regulator you can connect to 5V or 3V