Bno085 on PCBv2

I’ve looked around and am struggling to find a clear answer.

Am I right in saying that AOG5.x does not support the BNO055, only the BNO08x?

Reason i ask is because I’ve built a bunch of PCBv2 circuits and I can’t see where I can install a BNO085. It’s a different pinout to the 055.

Obviously I’m not the first person to notice this, but my search skills are failing me here…


You have to solder wires to the sda, scl, 5v+, and ground in the area labelled dog2. Then to the corresponding locations on the bno085. It needs power and Comms thats it.

Unless you already have a strip already in there, then some dupont wires would be a quick fix.!


zoom way in on the pic (not the best) , I have wires left to right in the 6 connections in the dog 2 area; GND, empty, empty, SCL, SDA, 5V+

The bno085 now resides on top of the remote and implement opto isolators with double sided tape.


Does it matter if the bno is connected to the SDA,SCL where the MMA was, or the pins before the resistors. What im saying is do the two resistors matter (R1 and R2 on Brians V2 PCB) matter.

Hello Bluerabbit, I drilled the point at the tip of the pen on the pcb with a drill (1 mm.) and mounted the BNO085, it worked fine, but later I changed my mind and used BNO and arduino+enc28j60 and took it out of the box as UDP. (Brians V2PCB)
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Yes and no the resistors matter, it all depends on the device joining the i2c bus. Some boards come with the resistors already installed some do not.

It is really dependent on the board, some can handle higher and lower tolerances for the resistor values. I2c is open drain and requires some place on the buss to bleed current to reset the line to zero.

I did not put much thought putting the sda scl connections in the dog 2 area, but it works.

Brilliant, thanks guys, that’s all I needed to know.

I was just unclear on whether people were soldering on an additional port, but it’s a simple case of mounting it somewhere, attaching GND, 5v, SDL and SCA to the DOG2 pins?

Makes sense :slight_smile:

To awoid any mistakes, remember that the two dog2 pins were only to power the old nsdog2 unit with 12v and gnd.
The pins in use are the longer row in the IC1 area :slight_smile:


I am using a chinese version of the BNO080 same as you, and it does have resistors on it. It works either way, i was just wondering is there a diference in the performance. slika


A little tip, some BNO080 such as mine work on 3,3V at least that is what is written on the board. So watch out for the voltage so you don’t fry it :grin:

Ali BNO080 has been very stable, I am using the same one as you. It outperforms a trimble T2 box :grin:

Yeah, that’s the same one I have ordered.

It’s taking the slow boat from China, will be here by the end of the month (hopefully).

I just played with mine today. This is the roll axis the default USB steering INO uses, looks like the X axis according to the printed label on the bottom. I also labelled what direction it’s heading output is related to. Is it important that it points in the correct direction for heading? Can I use the Y axis for roll instead?


Of course you can use the y axis. Just change it in agopen

AgOpen will compensate heading a bit, its not necessary to have it exactly lined up pretty close to direction of travel is close enough. If its 180 degrees out roll will be affected, there is a setting swap that too. In sensor fusion I have been running between imu70 / 30gps and imu60 / 40 gps, and it seems very stable.

Though every time you change a major setting be stopped because it will reset, and think you are doing barrel rolls for a second or two. Adjusting steer settings on the fly is unaffected.

I don’t see a setting in AoG to change roll axis, do you mean I need to change it in the Arduino sketch INO?

Which version og agopen are you using. Im using 4.3.10 with a modified ino that a member on the forum gave me. The modifed ino uses bno to overide the MMA, and even tho agopen says MMA its using the bno and there is a setting under neat it that you can change the axis


Part arrived, did exactly as you suggested, works perfectly.

Many thanks.

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Hopefully you are getting nearer to a test drive.

This really is a fun project, no problems, this forum prevents a lot of smoke.:grin:

Dont know how to set it in version 5, but im planning to update to a newer version, once i do that and find how to use the Y axis i will let you know, hopefully someone else from the forum can answer you question.