Bricked two F9P's? :(

Evening guys,

Bit of a disaster this evening, just got done soldering up / preparing two simplertk2b boards ready for my dual GPS setup…have already connected each board to U-Center on its own, and working great, tested RTK etc and got a fix…so connected to change the settings as per @MTZ8302 instructions on Github… And that was the last thing I did, sent the settings, saved them and now, I cant connect to either board via U-center…

Have tried connecting the TX / RX to the xbee header and using the other USB port, to both UART pins to no avail…Have i in one evening bricked a pair of brand new F9P’s? Surely not…

Never had this issue with my basestation board, but I just downloaded a base config from there github, and changed that, this time I just used board as it arrived, but changed port settings to matts recommendations, have i somehow stopped all comms with the chip / made it impossible to recover?

Any help greatly appreciated!!

I’ve done that a few times already.
If hack 2 fails try #3. I’ve always been able to get them working with these hacks.

Some time ago I had the problem that the Ardusimple was in a boot loop. It connected for some seconds to USB and then it rebootet. I loaded the default config from the config view and save this in the very smal time, the unit was accessable via USB. This was long before using the dual setup. But to do this maybe separate them.

Initially I tried to use the rover settings file from Andreas and “bricked” my FP9. I’m sure the file was good but I must have done the downloading wrong. I then just changed settings manually as I anyway wanted only GPS and GLONASS and at a higher frequency. Easy for the rover.

Still would have been useful to figure out my mistake.

I have them seperated, the crazy thing is, I am still getting serial output on the main USB port, its getting a fix / outputting as it should…I just cant connect with U-Center / configure it anymore!

Maybe they are connected to UCenter, but you don’t see. Turn on NMEA GSV to see the satellites