Bynav dual antenna

I’m curious if there are many people using the bynav yet, and how are you liking it? It seems like something I would be interested in if it’s performing well, but I haven’t heard much about it recently

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@Aortner is selling that in Austria. Seems to work well and people like it because it’s a plug-and-play robust box. Technically I can’t see any advantage over Ardusimple + @MTZ8302 's dual RTK solution. With the Ardusimple, you can start with a single (+CMPS14 as option) and upgrade any time if needed.
So finally it’s up to you, if you want to spend the money to a European crowdfunding project + open source software maintained in this community or spend even more money (the offer I got was $399 for the C1-FD module) to a Chinease company.


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I really like the idea of the nmea output ports, because I would need that for our planter monitor. I noticed in the documentation about the bynav, they mentioned an optional onboard IMU. Would that only be for single antenna or what would be the benefits to having an IMU with dual?

the Ardusimple outputs NMEA on COM1, so you only need a port adapter

Is the nmea data output corrected for tilt? I have a couple of commercial systems that can take nmea gps data. One of the recommended receivers is a john deere starfire due to the nmea data being correct by the built in imu. Interesting looking board either way.

I’m sure, @MTZ8302 's software would be able to generate all you need with a dedicated mod.