Can’t figure out why I have an offset

4 row 30” planter one side is 21” between rows and the other is 36” when following AB line.

Dual antenna setup using WISCORS for ntrip client set to RTCM34.

My antennas are 18.875 from the center of the tractor. When I set that as the offset it rounds up to 19”.

Another strange thing is following back on the same AB line the drawbar center is 4” off between passes.

I do have a light bar in the center between the two antennas. Didn’t think that would make much


Post some Photos of vehicle and implement setup page.

XML uploaded.
Ford 9700 Kinze 4 (3.0 KB)

If AOG was exactly on the line at the two points that you compared, then that 4" offset when you return on the same pass means your offset is wrong by 2", which is what your other measurements also indicate. Also your f9p should have a circular plate underneath them for ground plane.

I have these plates. I would need to make my extrusion wider to be on the outside of the roof mount bolts. I’m worried about tree limbs as these plates are not metal but copper clad FR4. I’m basing my center on the roof mount studs. I would assume the cab would be in the centerline of the tractor.

Why is the offset 6” one way and 9” the other way with the planter? Planter tracks fine and I just put new parallel arms on it today.

Would wiscors be off? I’m kinda between 3 base stations about 20 miles in each direction

It hurts my brain to think about this, but I think you might have a combination of a wrong antenna offset and a narrow implement that is masking the problem.

Set your implement width to 30’. Drive an AB line, then turn around and drive the same AB like back in the other direction. It should drive back in the same wheel tracks if it’s setup the way you expect.

So an 120" implement.
If everything else is set correct, it could be a slight roll difference. or the WAS is just a little off center. At least I know those two does affect side offset. So if you know Roll is 0 deg. (or same + or - with tractor parked at same almost level spot, but front of tractor in opposite direction. Then you can adjust WAS until you have the correct spacing between your rows.
ALSO with Disk wheels on the planter, you can be absolutely sure it is capable of dragging just the amount of inches we have here!

do not assume cab is central


I had similar problem but it was all fine after I deleted all vehicles and made new ones from one I knew was okay… i spent hours on the field measuring tractors center, implement width, tool ofset, antenna offset… I found nothing.

Try it and see if it helps… for me it worked, I cant see any difference between 6th and 7th corn row and we planted with 6 rows… its perfect. :wink:

Made a new tractor xml today on a different tablet. I’m getting similar results. One side is 25” and the other is 34”.

I don’t know. I double checked all the measurements again and am at a loss.

Running AOG 6.2. M going to downgrade to the last stable version 5 and see if that helps. I’ll downgrade the teensy as well.

Don’t think it will do any difference. Does your tractor really also drive same inches wrong, when going same ab line?
BOTH directions with implement lufted!