Canbus on Case IH

Looking at a 8120 combine. Has anyone setup AOG Autosteer on one of these with canbus? Or similar Case IH canbus machine? I have installed 4 AOG autosteer systems with rub wheel. Help appreciated.

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I saw @CommonRail has some info on canbus for beginners after I created topic.

In a week I’ll be looking at an 8010 not even sure if it has all the things on CAN but we’ll see

:+1: keep us posted.

we’ll have to bypass the entire system… rear WAS is broken and it would cost 4,5k $ to fix it… totally not going to happen when you can get any WAS solution for less than 200$

I don’t know what you want to retrieve on the CAN but the valves of the CNH harvesters of the info I have are not in CAN

Autosteer by AgOpenGPS , and was wondering if there’s an easy. But looks like we’ll just throw in an AIO board and take over the valves ourselves.

8120 doesn’t have valves on can either?

The Trimble NAV II controller can work with valves via CAN or directly control with them via PWM. Which it used depended on the model and the year. My 7240 combine definitely uses CAN to communicate with the valves. But my older combines did not. Currently my 4430 sprayer does not use CAN for the steering valves, but my Magnum 340 does use CAN.

And the wheel angle sensor was the same way. It could use the CAN-based gyro sensor, or a direct analog pot. I’m not sure how to tell the controller which you’ve got, but I know I was told once by a tech that if the internal POT ever failed on a steering cylinder on a combine, you could replace it with a gyro module. I imagine you could even put a new DIY analog WAS on the combine and the NAV II should be able to work with it. But like I say I don’t know how you would configure or calibrate it.

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i am in europe i have a new holland CR from 2022 and the valve is not in can the valve is connected to the UCM machine module the nav is only used for the devers. I’m sending you pictures of what I found.

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