[CANCELLED] Full Steering Kits

I have put together some steering installation kits that should be almost completely plug and play.

Each kit includes:

V4.1 Micro Ampseal Board fully populated.
Micro F9P and Antenna configured
Phidgets steering motor
Potato Farmers steering gear and quick tack
Vili’s 3d printed case
Power and Steer Engagement switches
320 watt 12-24v converter
A Main wiring Harness
Steer Motor Cable(12ft or 3.5m)
WAS Cable(16ft or 5m)
Power Cable to battery
Cables for power and steer switches(6ft or 2m)
Crossover Ethernet cable(6ft or 2m)

The only thing needed is a tablet(I didn’t include one because I don’t feel comfortable selling refurbished electronics) and a fabricated mount for the quick tack and WAS. I can also shorten/lengthen any cables at request. I am also available for support and assistance with install. If you are interested send me a pm.


Steer Motor Cable(10ft or 3m) I’d say 3,5-4m might be needed if they put the case next to the seat then go backward and then to the steering under the carpet.
WAS Cable(16ft or 3m) have at least 6 meters for the same reason as above. (harvesters can easily take 12m :smiley: )

The 12-24v converter is good quality? I prefer 12V motors now.

Take a look at the motor holder @bricbric created nothing beats metal :slight_smile:

Thanks. I messed up typing in the WAS cable length, it is supposed to be 5m. As for the 3m for steer motor I did that because that is the length I have been using in all my installs so far but I will keep it in mind.

As for the 12-24v converter I am just using one of those die cast ones like everyone else uses. Nothing special, but it is way way oversized for anything that we would need.

As for the steer motor mount I will check that out, but really PotatoFarmers 3d printed ones seem to work very well, tons of people are using the design. I just wanted something tried and true that would just work and the quick tack and phidgets are pretty much AOG standard now.

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