Case IH

Please reply with model number then year/series when posting your steering mount files or pictures.

case ih mx maxxum 170

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Case ih maxxum Cvx120 2018

Case JXU 115 2010. I made the gear for my Case tractor. You need to print 3 times each files.

There is no mounting system for the phidgets, but you can adapt one from Cerea.
like this one CNH Motorhalterung V2 -

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Case Farmall, year 2016. Helical Gear. No mounts for motor. The big gear needs to be printed three times and the small gear is for shaft with 12 mm diameter STL: Helical Gear by Peter_SK - Thingiverse


Could you post a link to the Files or send them to me? I’m looking into building a System on a Maxxum 170 an am interessted in any mounting conceps.

I search files for Axial 2388.
Many thanks😊

Hello Charlesdego,
Did you found a STL file for your 2388? If yes could could you share it with me?


Non, je n’ai pas trouvé. Je suis en train de dessiner sur fusion 360. :wink:

Case Magnum 7140

Did you design an engine mount for the 2388, if so would you agree to share it?

did you get a solution. I want to install the AOGPS on my Maxxum 110

Could you post a link to the Files or send them to me? I’m looking into building a System on a Maxxum 110 an am interessted in any mounting conceps.

I tryed and made a model in Fusion 360, I’m not 100% pleased but it worked quite well with the robotshop 330 rpm motor I’ll post the linke and you can look it up for yourself :wink:

IH 744 international

Case MXM 155
3D mount files in the link: Case MXM 155 | 3D files for AGOPEN |
Compatible with Robotech 313 rpm planetary metal gear motors. Have to drill a 2mm hole in the shaft and insert heat treated piece of welding rod as a wedge. extra glue is always welcome. After adjusting motor height use small bolt to lock the position. Lever made out of 10mm metal rod and threaded rod and ball supports - feel free to experiment, main goal is to achieve self locking position without any springs.
Use the existing bot to secure the base and extra 6 coarse wood screws to ensure it is rigid.
V shape gear for silence and durability, spray with silicon spray if squeak appears. For brutal PWM settings, turn cooling vents of tractor to the motor direction for temperature control.
Solid brackets - no zip-tie madness. If i messed up uploading the wrong bracket height, let me know.

Case Maxxum (older ones, like 115)
Borrowed from this chat and redesigned for Robotech motors. Case Maxxum | 3D print files for AGOpen |
Here is used (GH-301-E Toggle Clamp) - but in long term quite a crap. Need a daily silicon spray or will turn wobbly. All hints is mentioned in previous post.
Done with PETG

Taarup self propelled mover 3D mount files for AGO. Taarup | 3D fails for Taarup self propelled mover. |
Wrong section, but too rare equipment to make it’s own tread. I hope search engines will pick this up.
Base is similar as Case MXM but the main gear had an upgrade.
As always, compatible with Robotech 12V equipment.

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@Gatis @ludo Can you please repost the images as they have disappeared when the forum updated. Looking for some ideas on what to do with a 2015 Maxxum 125.

Not the grates angle of the picture i can find, but the MXM had a nice flat surface with big bolt in the middle, what can also be used. Metal rod has a kink, so it self lock in the position and doesn’t come loose while driving. Engage lever is just behind shuttle lever, so quite comfortable - made from 10mm stainless rod, slightly bent to fit under.