Case Puma 200 CVX Hydraulic System

So first of all a bit backstory on this tractor. A few years back we bought a Trimble fm-1000 System which our local dealer installed on this Case Puma 200. Beginning of this year when we first needed it it didn’t work anymore, we talked to the dealer, they also couldn’t get the System working again.

After a while I decided to install Agopengps on this tractor.

Then I got to work at first i started to lay out my own wires to the Valves, WAS etc. After i was nearly finished I saw @FiveFinnishFarmers post: Case IH Puma 230, autosteer ready
and how he was using the original wiring harness. So I removed all of my wiring again and did it like he did because it was a way cleaner install, and nearly all pins coming from one Connector.

My Setup now is:
Panasonic FZ-G1
Dual F9P
OEM Harness

P: 30
MAX: 100
LOW: 70
MIN: 43


Look Ahead: 2,6
Look Ahead Speed Gain: 2,5
Sidehill Deg…: 0,10
Integral: 12

Right now I’m switching to the Autosteer Dual Board from Jake hunter, and switching to UDP. Overall I’m getting closer and closer to the performance of the Trimble, but still not quite as good.

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I’m not a professional, but the steer chart is a little late, I think the pwm max value needs to be increased, did you go straight and reset it? Count per degree value and ackerman values seem not to be entered correctly. I think the video will help you.

I have made a dozen or so tractors like yours.
Set P to 12
Max pwm at 80
Minimum PWM between 40 and 50
Show driving with steering graph on so you can clearly see it.
The original valves in this tractor are very inaccurate and it is difficult to set good steering, but it is possible.
ps If you want, I can connect via remote desktop and help.

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Thank you for the answers, but i found the Problem :sweat_smile:
The Ads1115 was malfunctioning, i switched it and tried it with V4.3.10 and it works great.
Right after i installed the new one the Steering angle changed neary 3 degrees, and i didnt steer. Then i setup WAS zero again on a flat straight street and it worked great.

And my Pwm Values were nearly the same as yours in my last test.
But still i’m going to change them to the Values you told me and try it again.

Yes you are right at this time, i didn’t set Ackermann and Counts per Degree, but now in my last test in V.4.310 i did.

Just a quick test, only had very limited space.

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Hi, I don’t use hydraulic system but I get the same sudden change in the was values while shutting down 12v to PCB. I was thinking it was not an issue but nano 5v powering was, not very stable. Am I right?

But that is how it works. Turn off 12v and pcb no longer feeds 5v to was , only 5v from USB. USB ends up with only some 3.5 v at was. And result is another was signal. Same rule for any other 5v component on pcb.