Claas Tucano 570 - Factory hydraulic valve

Hi All,

We have a claas tucano currently with laser steer, which is ok but unusable when we change over to a stripper header for some of harvest. The initial plan was to just put a steering wheel kit in which I’ve done in another tractor.

I then started thinking about whether I could make use of the laser pilot valve. I’ve attached some photos, am I daft to think it would be as easy as unplugging the current wiring and making up a loom from an agopen pcb. Research suggests that they will be a ‘bang bang’ valve which would be trickier to setup.

I’d be interested to hear peoples thoughts and experiences before I have a go.

Many Thanks

You are correct the valve is a bang bang. You will also have to power another valve Y077 at the same time as the left and right otherwise you won’t have any pressure. Y077 is responsible for building up pressure when any high pressure function is used. You would need to use diodes in the supply from combine harness and aog so both systems can power y077 without affecting each other.
I haven’t done this with one of these machines and not sure how AOG will drive the bang bang valve but worth a try. I remember someone had a mod to an older version of AOG to run bang bang valves.

Found the post about the modification for bang bang valves. Was done by @canadaboy25

The sensor at the bottom near output looks pressure sensor

can be used to detect steering ?

yes it is a pressure sensor but it wont work for the over ride. its purpose is for the combine ECU to know the pressure in the accumulator and power the y077 valve when the supply pressure in accumulator is low.
For the override sensor the machine will have an encoder on the steering column.

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Thank you for that, really helpful information. That’ll give me something to have a look at for a start. I assume you’d wire y077 so that its constantly on when the autosteer switch is engaged.

Thanks again

You might want to have lower pressure than max. when using Bang Bang valve.
Would it be possible to “blind” the laservision , or just engage the original system (to have the original set pressure) and then wire AOG to the Bang Bang valve to steer?
Maybe a resistor in the now disconnected original connector to valve, is needed to prevent fault code?

I wouldn’t want to hold power on y077 all the time as when you do the pump is actually operating on relief and will overheat the oil. I would use the pwm2 output(if using cytron) to control a relay to supply the y077 that way it will only power when autosteer is engaged.

Unless you add extra valves you are stuck with full system pressure to the autosteer valve when any combine high pressure function is operated. There are some orifices in the autosteer valve ports to the steering cylinder to limit flow to cylinder.

I thought the y077 valve controlled the pressure coming to steer valve, but orifices you mentioned does the job too.