COM ports, AutoSteer configuration problems

Hi. There are 3 ports (COM6, COM1, COM9), GPS and AutoSteer work only on COM6, on any other it simply doesn’t work. If GPS is connected to COM6, then AutoSteer doesn’t work on other port, and vice versa. Must they use same or different ports? And how to connect them successfully to other port (COM9, for example)… Thanks.

on Windows to simplify each time you will connect an USB according plug number and hub ( internal also ) it make a new com port if he dont know this

if the component use same USB board controler he can reuse the same number

so to understand what is what :

  • unconnect evrything from USB (and HUB also)

  • Open the device manager (AGIO or W10 right click on start windows after system )

  • Check " COM and LPT" like this

  • Plug one by one to identify what is what …

  • set in AGIO the correct port and it works

if some trouble happen try one by one during more time to see what happen

and keep plug at the same place evry time


I’ve tried and made sure that ports are ok. In AOG, “From AutoSteer” says : Steer module not connected. “To AutoSteer” is ok. And there is also motor connected and doesn’t work. Thanks for your effort.

Did you check in Arduino console. If you can get info

v 5. Test. Imu at the beginning. So you can see. That he works

I have had a problem in Windows 10 where Windows assigned the same com port to two usb devices. I had to changed one to a different com port

just as example in arduino you need to see like this for autosteer one

witch device? imu and autosteer?

in this case you can reverse the usb plug

in general it is better to keep plug as the same place and identify it

I checked this, but noticed that Arduino Rx ( receiving ) LED is blinking which means that Arduino receives data from computer but Tx LED is not blinking which means that Arduino doesn’t send data to motor. Means computer side is ok, but it looks like problem is in Arduino.

Have you sent autosteer config to Arduino from AoG?

In my case it was while both were plugged in, W10 listed two com ports with the same number at the same time.

ok try an other arduino
check your PCB board also that there is a mistake during welding

Any chance we could get a picture of your device manager com port tree?

If you have a baud rate mismatch, AgIO will still show bytes of data, though all of it will be unreadable by the computer.

From the device manager com port menu, right click on the com port, then select the port settings tab. It will show bits per second that needs to match AgIO, the rest of the settings are always; 8, None, 1, None.

Please pick a speed faster than 9600, 57600 or 115200 work great.

Click advanced, at the bottom of this screen you can change port numbers. In the drop down you will see (in use) these ports are already being used for something else.

Also try a new usb cable, bad cables do happen.

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I don’t think changing the baud via device manager had any affect, it’s up to AoG to set the correct baud, and the device on the other end but that’s where you could change the port number, and maybe reboot after doing so.

There were actually multiple problems, I wrongly uploaded software to Arduino board, now I’ve done it okay. Now I doubt the problem is in AutoSteer configuration in AOG. I made AB line and turned it active, pressed “Drive” in configuration and it’s not working yet. Arduino doesn’t send data to motor, only receives from computer.

did you connect steering angle sensor? do you connect something to steer connector?

Do you have a switch to activate the V2 board between on/off?
If you press MA or MB on the cytron does your motor turn?

Looks like wrong code was uploaded to Arduino board. I’ll write when I find out.

I’ve uploaded “AutoSteer USB v5” to Arduino nano, and now when I connect AutoSteer, GPS dissappears, and when disconnect autosteer, GPS works normally. All time some problems appearing…

sorry but hard to understand

could you make a copy screen of AGIO port setting ?

I’ve uploaded software to Arduino Nano which is called “AutoSteer_USB_v5.0”. When AutoSteer is connected, GPS is lost. And when Autosteer disconnects, GPS works. I’m not able at the moment to do printscreens, but ports are ok, I checked it.