Connected devices in multiple tractors

I’m officially down the rabbit hole… dreams of agrabot, pcbs, and antennas. Well crap…

Been pondering and it may have been answered already, won’t lie, didn’t search.

  1. Does AOG have any networking capability between systems. IE: Two drills working on the same field, is it possible to have their screens reflect the other? What is done, where they are at ect.

2.a Is the system capable of yield monitoring?
2.b can the system run variable rate application systems?

Official reply would be, “It is open source, anything is possible.”

  1. Currently it does not. It could fairly easily read another field data, and plot it’s sections, and see its tractor. They just have to have the exact same start point. I would guess, you could load it every minute or so. You would have to skip ablines, as there is no way Currently to identify a line as complete. It could also just update the field image every few minutes and that would just allow planting where it is unpainted. Working on a similar project now.

  1. No, see the next answer.
    2b. Search for variable rate in the bar above, @SK21 has built a rate app that ties to a hack I did to read kml rate prescribed areas. This could be reversed to map rate applied or yield gathered. Been a few hacks to map rate applied of up to three inputs. This will map most any input.
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The current work around is using a usb drive, once the first machine sets the boundary / ab, or you want to share a previous years because you have RTK after all, you can copy the field data on the usb drive and paste it in the second machines folder. You can also share machine tunes the same way.

Or have the main machine connected to an offline network drive like g drive, once the ab is set save online. have the second machine only have read access to the drive, and have offline storage checked for it too. The maps will not update together but your ab’s and boundaries will be the same.

The full blown live share is a dream of many, but every spring AOG gets a batch of upgrades from winter inventiveness.

With this and an image writer/reader it is very possible. Image reader just has to update every so often. I’ve the image coming in as texture 22. If the slave tractor is saving its image as green sections, the master would read it as complete. It would only not turn the sections on when over the green, but you could see it on the screen. Interesting…

@Kentstuff I understand what you are saying, with zero idea of how to pull it off.

If there is one thing I want to do in AOG, its eventually learn to be able to program the tablet, it seems to be where the real fun is at.

I’ll see what I can do with it.

It has been three years this month from my first download of AOG. It is now a bad addition. Fun, irritating, maddening. But does challenge your mind and keeps your thinker working.


I would use dropbox to sync / backup data between tractor & office, assuming we get RTK correction over cellphone. dropbox works across Linux / Mac / Windows

i think @Urepom to this syncro with Cloud service with his personal version

Play with anything long enough and the mind wanders…

I don’t even have mine set up yet and am thinking to the next build for a neighbour!

To cool of a system not to dream.

I picture looking at my screen and seeing the other tractor drive by. Not sure how the system would interpret the polygons. But if I was green and he was blue, that would be epic.

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I came across this video on John Deere collecting data a while ago. Customer Showcase: Perform Real-time ETL from IoT Devices into your Data Lake with Amazon Kinesis - YouTube
At this link, the dev from John Deere starts talking about data ingesting.
Customer Showcase: Perform Real-time ETL from IoT Devices into your Data Lake with Amazon Kinesis - YouTube

Agleaders version of shared screens Display Cast

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I gotta make time to watch that video. Super interesting how they do it.

If tractor 1 setup the field / boundaries, or had it stored already. And updated to google drive / any web storage.

Then tractor 2-5 could have a “open from web location button” once opened from google drive the main part of the setup is done.

Then both tractors would write to separate coverage files, then the trick would be to read and display both coverage files at the same time.

So single player is maintained, but multiplayer has its own buttons to use.

Agra gps was ahead of the curve on this with “farmer gps”, I wonder if I can get some tips how the magic works.


Each system running AoG should write their own coverage file to the field’s directory with unique file names. The scan the directory for coverage files and update the display accordingly.

Is there a standard data format for sharing coverage maps? Can you view Agleader or John Deere coverage map in 3rd party software?

John Deere is like the Apple of farm equipment, It plays nice if its all proprietary and locked down and very expensive. Most other systems are the same, there is no giant profit unless it stays magic.


Let us discuss what needs to be shared.

For example, if one piece of equipment is planting, and one is rolling, then the roller must re “paint” the field. This would create problems.

My thinking is a field network. Can we broadcast everything? Each tractor has a signature built into the sentence. You load what you need. A server of sorts records it all.

Just getting my head into it.

There may need to be a coverage “layer” system, select which layers or jobs you want displayed. This would be good even when just using one machine and wanting to keep track of changes of seed or chem batches.


Like storing field folder in cloud storage. When tractor want to work on a field its gets latest files from cloud.

For paint maybe something like roller can paint over green but not other machine color.

Speed and other less important info of other tracor can be as simple as txt in field folder that is displayed as text on other AOG screen ( my programing is 0 there are better ways.)

And whats endgoal of this just flex of having other tractor work on screen? Using section control from mutliple tractor inputs? comparing who seeds faster?

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Could use primary colours for tracking… max would be 2 units at a time but its a start. When they overlap, the colour changes to the mix. image

Another option is the receiving unit could be a solid colour, and all additional units be a grid…

In theory all receiving units could be one colour, and all other units could be a secondary colour.