Connecting and charging a tablet only trough one usb-C port

I am planning my next AOG setups and I want a nice and clean setup.
I use Surface Go Tablets (only one USB-C port)
So I am thinking using all the fonctionalities of this connector with this kind of USB hub to connect the GPS, autosteer module (both in their dust and weatherproof box) and charging the tablet.
I want the tablet “plug and play” so I was thinking putting the charger on the switched power and having the arduino powering a relay, powering the charger and the PCB, GPS would be USB powered.

This way, all the electronics would be off until the tablet is plugged. Plugging it would start all the setup until ignition key is turned off.
No more switches to turn on and off or chargers to plug with cables all over the place!

Does anyone know a good 12V source USB-C charger? Or other good hubs? I think Surface Go support 5, 9, 15 et 20V. I don’t know much about USB-C power delivery.
Any comments?

@Pat Were you able to get anything figured out? I’m trying to go the Surface Go with a hub route and was wondering about a charger too.

Unfortunately, there is no simultaneous charging and data on tablets with a single usb. Even if you use an otg cable, I removed the battery of my previous tablet and fed it with lm2576 adj with 3.7 volts and used the data from usb, but on my current tablet (dell 7140) 1 usb and 1 micro usb charging port there is.

yes it work great with this kind of hub and charger, no Chinese scrap. But Chinese cables from amazon! :sweat_smile:

Currently I have the F9P and the PCB connected trough USB A, the PCB and charger are powered on with the accessory switch trough a relay. I soldered the 12V directly to the charger,

One downside is you still have to unplug the usb C from the tablet at the end of the day or the tablet will feed the hub and accessories even when powered off.

Didn’t fund how to cut power on a Surface Go.

An other point if the Surface Have on power (0%) it will not start on USB C! you will have to start it on the original charger.

These Microsoft devices are not very user friendly sometimes!