Connecting to steering and imu ,gps

Dear community,

Thank you so much for all the help! I connected everything and got everything running. Well…kind of. The GPS board work and I can connect to it. I cannot connect to the steer button. It gives me the following…

then I try to click the steer button (pointed to with my pen)

Then it just sends me back to the first picture

. I run the teensy autsteer file from the support files and when I run the program in Arduino IDE it gives me the following message

Please somebody give me a little help. Greatly appreciated!!!

How do you connect please give us picture.
Maybe something for you in this thread. Teensy + F9P GPS + IMU Setup

It says Arduino Pro or Mini at the top, it should say Nano if you’re on PCBv2 and I don’t think that’s the right code for the Nano version.

If AIO/Teensy - you need to have Teensyduino installed, and ensure you pick Teensy 4.1

Also, I’ve had an occasional weird error when I don’t trigger compilation on the main INO file, so make sure you compile from the one that’s named the same as the folder.

I have a question and this might be dumb but does the imu chip pictured have a wire that connects to anything?

No it is connected to teensy on the board.

Thank you for replying!!! I think I fried my teensy board. It won’t even recognize thru usb… I should have read the directions better…okay so I got a new teensy but I can’t get Arduino to recognize it. Please see picture…

Do I just need to get an Arduino Nano board? Can you send me a link to the chip? I am so lost…

It can be difficult to get it right.
It looks like you have an AIO board with teensy on it.
You can not use nano on that board.

Fried your teensy? Only if you have wrong power on the AIO board. Double check that you have 3.3 V where should be 3.3 V, and 5V where should be 5V . Because it has happened that the voltage regulators are mounted wrong.

Then check you have the teensy loader for arduino as instructed on pjrc.
As far as I can see you must click on an additional link to make teensy appear. Arduino IDE 2.0.0 Teensy Support

But I have not tried the new 2.0.4 so used arduino ino 1.8.x and the extra teensyloader.

Bedtime goodnight

Thank you so much for your help. I greatly appreciate it. I guess I have bigger problems now. I can get the GPS unit to connect and turn green in picture but I can’t get the steer to turn green and the imu wont even connect. Please help

Close the arduino software, or whatever else is blocking COM4 (u-center) ?