Connecting to steering

Can somebody please help? I have connected everything and I have read the wiki but if I’m missing something please refer me to the wiki as I could have easily missed something. I have updated all firmware. I have connection to GPS imu and steering but I still get the red tractor icon at the bottom indicating “steering module connected not enabled” what am I missing.?? I have attached pictures…

Uploading: connected but not enabled.jpg…

if you press it, it will enable it and turn on steering.

Stuart thank you so much for the speedy response. What exactly do I press?

You have enabled remote steer switch.

You can use two types of switch. One that stay on, or only on when pressed. Try both for your type, as it might be opposite of what you think.

When not moving, you must use the red tractor button in the expanded steer setup window, to make AOG to output pwm.
Note: I have seen once that the NONE option still needed at least one click on physical steer switch.