Convert to Android

Can i convert this C# code to android by using xamarin form

Will it create any problem with sensors or any other issue ?

Not easily . But look here:

And maybe

If you have C# experience and experience with C# GUI development, then yes you sure could. It would not be a trivial task as WinForms forms the base of all AOG main classes and dictates the structure and flow of AOG code. Definitely if a contributor could replace WinForms with something like Xamarin Forms or Avalon, AOG would become very portable to Linux, iOS, Android or macOS in it’s C# form without porting to other languages like C++. That would be a great place to be.

I’m not sure what you mean by that. Android has certain limitations compared to regular PCs and Windows tablets. Usually the only methods of communicating would be WiFi, Bluetooth, or a serial adapter connected to the USB OTG port, so you’d have to work within those limitations.