Could I use this as a start? or are their better options

simpleRTK2B Long Range Starter Kit IP67, based on u-blox ZED-F9P (

hello everybody. I am from New Zealand and am just wondering if this setup would work for the GPS side of things. seems pretty plug and play. I dont think NZ has any correction signal so I have to have my own base station. so would this work or am I doing it wrong?? seems expensive??
many thanks

Not sure how far your fields would be from you base station. The range is spec’d at line of sight so the get the distance they say you need a high tower and no trees in between. Otherwise those are good boards.

all our fields are within 2km from where the base station would be setup. their is the odd tree line and one hill but nothing substantial. would i be able to use the radio that they come with or would i need to upload to RTKtogo and use 4G? are their better options? thanks

Yep, that kit will definitely get you going.

I’m working with a much cheaper setup, just a single ardusimpleRTK2b board and an NTRIP connection provided by a 4G router. Today I was getting close to CM level accuracy.

I do have the hardware for a base station, but I’m not convinced that this would improve matters enough to justify its cost. This is a question I’m about to ask!

Hi @Jacko

I am also in New Zealand, Ashburton, where abouts are you?
There are some RTK base stations operated by LINZ, if you are close enough to one and you have good cell coverage they work well. I have seen reasonable results out to 50km from a station but recommend to be less than 30-40km. have a look at PositioNZ | Toitū Te Whenua Land Information New Zealand
to see if there is a station close to you. and here to sign up at no cost PositioNZ - Real Time Service | Toitū Te Whenua Land Information New Zealand

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Thanks. I am in Wairarapa. Do you have a setup? Would love to talk to you and see where you got parts and such.

@Jacko What’s your level of soldering expertise? Based on arduSimple’s site you aren’t supposed to use the 1W XLR radio so that limits your range but I think the LR will still probably work for your 2km, I was able to go 12+ km with my XLR base and LR rover. Either route you go, you might be able to get the bare Digi radio from a site like Mouser and program it yourself for a lot less.

Don’t have much if at all any soldering experience. Was looking to just use the parts put together on a breadboard until I had it working. Any leads to wiring the PCBv2 schematic that comes with ag open on a breadboard? Or am I dreaming?

@RGM will sort you out, there’s plenty of bits here in NZ to get you going easy as. You will want to sort your system out before you worry about RTK that’s easy sorted later.
-Single or Dual GPS Antenna?
-What tractor type are you steering?
-Hydraulic or Electric Motor?


Parts come from all over the place, trademe, various other websites, mouser, element14, rscomponents, aliexpress. Have sent my number feel free to call for a chat.

Would go for an electric steering. What is better? Single or dual antenna? Not really sure?
Have a New Holland TS90 at the minute, but by January have a brand new John Deere 6120M coming, but ag open seems pretty adaptable so shouldn’t be an issue?