Crimp Tool for Ampseal connectors

What crimp tool are you using for the Ampseal connectors? The one from TE costs $300, but the universal one that I am using doesn’t seem to be crimping it accurately enough to fit all the way into the connector.


I’ve used cheap ones and they are rubbish, I have the genuine TE and its brilliant, makes perfect crimps everytime and most importantly keeps the crimp perfectly straight so it fits into the Ampseal plug.

If you look on YouTube there are videos of people using generic crimpers, but they all need double crimping.
You can buy pre-wired plugs with fly leads if you only need one or two.

I have a Mac tools open barrel crimper that works like a damn. Plus I think they only cost about $75 CAD

Got a part number on that ?

I found that my TE crimp tool for AMP CPC connectors (dickey-john planter harness, raven sprayer harness type) works fairly well on the ampseal crimps as well. Not an exact fit, but close enough.

I’m curious if you have a link or part number for this tool?

I used this one from Amazon. Terminals fit in the connector just fine.

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I was looking at that one. Thanks for the feedback!