Customizable keyboard shortcut

Hi ,
Today, I sprayed with autosteer and it was really cool, I had time to look at rapeseed and weeds … and think!

I thought that it would be really practical to modify the keyboard shortcuts in order to be able to use the main functions with a numeric keypad … What do you think?


What about a joystick ?

I was thinking about a joystick me too! Like the one I see in cerea forum

USB Numeric Keypad is faster solution . But why not . With joystick and Arduino you don’t need to customize shortcuts.

can you share the link ?

Absolutely, We use a keypad all the time, 0 is for auto, 1 is for manual, and have set up many buttons for other functions.

We just need to decide what does what - User setup would be cool! Joysticks and dot net can be a bit of a challenge, but also not impossible. I really like the keypad concept.

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The joystick could be 3d printed and driven by arduino leonardo which call can be seen as a keyboard from pc. Then we can use shaper keys to change values from this joystick-keyboard to whatever we like

It seems easier for programmers to simply create a menu / window with a user configuration of shortcuts. like that everyone uses his keypad as he wants. I really prefer the keypad.
I say easy, but I am unable to do that. The whole AOG team is really doing a good job, so if they ever get bored, it’s a good thing to do :wink:


I do not use agopengps yet, but it may be possible to use xpadder or jotokey it allows to make a box with buttons easily
software can turn any joystick / pad into a keyboard.

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Just thinking a way to enable A B point. Maybe is possible to use some software to do macro, so pressing one button starts a series of clicking actions

so many ways … i still prefer customize shorcut

jotokey or xpadder a card of this type: https: // spm = a2g0o.productlist.0.0.b05b71d1B7Wgb3 & algo_pvid = 85df2fac-5f48-4d1f-a05f-bc37cc593faf & algo_expid = 85df2fac-5f48-4d1f -a05f-bc37cc593faf-19 & btsid = 70440955-5cb1-460f-9175-bfe6dfb898d1 & ws_ab_test = searchweb0_0, searchweb201602_1, searchweb201603_52 for example and buttons
to map the keys on the keyboard

A nice 3d printed case and good to go to the field

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