Deere 7410 Autosteer Valve Questions

I have a Deere 7410 that I would like to install an autosteer valve into, but I’m in a little over my head. The tractor is closed center, the orbitrol is closed center dynamic load sense, non reactive, 125cc. I am in Canada. I believe the tractor is more less the same as the 6810 Mannheim tractor.

The orbitrol is buried between the muffler and cab and all 5 lines going to the orbital are hard lines. It would be difficult to make any hydraulic connections right at the orbitrol. Easy places to connect into are the power beyond plate (P, T, LS), the steer cylinders, and the LS line coming from the orbital (which runs to the rear of the tractor).

Am I correct in thinking that all I really need is a closed center load sensing valve, something in the 12 lpm range, fed from the power beyond, Tee’d into the steering cylinders? That would steer the tractor. To disable autosteer when moving the steering wheel I could either mount a steering column encoder, or Tee a pressure sensor into the orbital LS line? For safety I would kill electric power to the auto steer valve through a switch (estop switch). Maybe a 4/2 solenoid on the autosteer valve for additional safety. All these thoughs are heavily influenced by a Paradyme steer valve installation manual that I found. Please correct me if I’m wrong so far.

Where is gets confusing for me is; I’m already using the power beyond for a sprayer. The sprayer has a pressure, return, and LS connection to the power beyond plate. I also run my corn planter vacuum fan from the power beyond. Can I just directly Tee all the power beyond connections for the autosteer valve? Do I need a second power beyond plate? Can I Tee P and T and then use a shuttle valve for LS? Can I make my auto steer power beyond connections at the priority valve (I’m not sure what the three test ports are)?

What happens when I’m using all my hydraulic flow? When I raise the corn planter at the headland my planter is slow to lift and my vacuum fan speed drops some because I am using all of the available flow. If I’m doing an auto U turn at the same time, then the autosteer doesn’t get priority and turns might be difficult?

What happens to the autosteer when hydraulic pressure rises? Say I’m making an auto U turn while raising my corn planter and the corn planter reaches the top, the hydraulic pressure rises to ~2600 psi, does that cause any auto steering issues?

Any valve recomendations? I see the hydraforce is somewhat liked, but with missing pictures and diagrams it is hard to follow the conversation. I have a Parker dealer nearby that I have worked closely with on industrial hydraulic systens, anyone used a parker valve?

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Do you made some progress?

The best valves available in Canada (at my Parker dealer) are: Danfoss PVG32, some Bosch-Rexroth and walvoil’s.

I have made no progress other than understanding tractor steer systems a little better. I have a plan B that is very low effort - use the already installed Trimble ez steer motor.

It’s probably going to be plan B.

From how I understand this Paradyme diagram that I posted: the LS connection from the orbitrol to the hydraulic valve is only used with a pressure switch to detect manual override.

Shuttle valves on the load sense line of the hydraulic valve would allow multiple power beyond circuits to work simultaneously.

A pressure compensator on the hydraulic valve can be used if varying hydraulic pressures are a concern.

You will need a shuttle valve on the LS line from the back of your power beyond plate…but the P and T lines can just be T’ed… I have done the same on mine, I also fitted an electrical saftey shutoff to the valve (and cytron power feed) and also a saftey shutott 3/2 valve that totally isolates the system hydraulically, and electrically which I am comftable with… I did actually also fit some lever valves to the lines where they T as a last resort but never get used…

With regards to pressure effecting it etc, in theory it will effect the way it steers if the pressure rises, although I dont really seem to get any issues, but if you have a situation as you say, where the flow is all being used by the lift cylinders, then this could potentially cause problems… I would say the only way around this is to fit a priority valve after the power beyond block on the P line, to give priority to the steering system, or T the stock orbital lines rather than power beyond as they essentially aready have this priority valve in the factory setup pre spool block…

Do you know if the power beyond receives priority over the SCVs? If the SCVs receive priority over power beyond then you might still lose autosteer flow when lifting the implement using an SCV?

I agree that this is the solution that solves all the concerns.

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I did a power beyond on my 7600. I used the factory shuttle disc in the power beyond and tee’d into the steer lines. Been using it for years to plant and strip till with, running fans on both. Never had any kind of hydraulic shortage. Using a Danfoss pves valve.

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That sounds pretty great. I’m looking through the Danfoss catalogs to see what that would take. It looks like they compensated SVG32 valves that allow the function to have independence from the load pressure, so that’s perfect if powering other continuous flow things like fans.

Would you be able to share which PVP, PVB, and PVES parts numbers you used? What size spool? Is there an ideal GPM target?

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