Deere HMS integration possible?

Afternoon guys,

Had me thinking the other day, with all the canbus activities on other brands going on so well now, I wonder what the possbility of being able to trigger AOG steer on / steer off with the deere (that could be the killing part of this idea!) headland mangement system…

Obviously on the OEM system, one of the HMS actions is enable / disable steer, which must communicate with the SSU via canbus. I wonder if it just sends a blind message, or if it waits for answer…
Basically would be super cool to be able to use the autosteer action in HMS to trigger AOG, At the moment I have to trigger HMS to carry out the hydraulic / pto / speed actions on each pass, and trigger the autosteer…dont get me wrong, this is hardly a chore and really not a huge deal, but it would be super good to be able to also trigger the autosteer like OEM so its a one button operation on each pass…

I guess first step would be to sniff the messages on an OEM system and see what the situation is?

Does anyone have any input / experiance on this?


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sorry no experience of the JD but this is sort of what I’m currently thinking to do with my MF.
so will be watching this thread :+1: carefully

In the case of the Massey, altho the tractor was steer-ready, it wasn’t unlocked and while I could record “engage AOG autosteer” and have the tractor recognise it as “engage autosteer”, when it came time to play that sequence back, the tractor apparently wouldn’t send the code as it knew the tractor wasn’t unlocked for it.

In the case of JD, we can’t steer it over CANBUS as yet, so I’d write that one off as a non-starter but if you can trap the headland-management engage button and have that act as the autosteer-engage for AOG, that might be doable.

However, I fully expect JD to make that needlessly difficult to work out, even something as simple as a button press.

I already put up a video on how to use the headland engage button to start/stop AOG, the thread for that is here: CANBUS sniffing - for beginners