Differences of the PCB

I am new in the AOG topic. I found that I can order the PCB and the other equipment at the website of A. Ortner or at navisklep.pl.
Can someone descripe, what is the difference of both PCB. Which one is better? Or more ready for the future? Or are only minor differences?


BR, Christoph

I am not sure on the differences between those two sellers, but in case you missed it, you can also order the PCB only from JLCPCB, or another PCB manufacturer.

The one on navisklep.pl is the basic design. A. Ortner did some modification of the design (e.g. motor controller?).
What is the advantage to order it by myself? To get it cheaper?

Cheaper, learning / understanding by doing and you will get the support of the whole community. If you choose Ortner’s own PCB nobody then him can help you.

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