Difficulty connecting to tablet

I have the board in the tractor, all looks good there but connecting to the tablet and being recognised by the program is not going so well!

I know I’m missing something obvious but I don’t know what it is.

Hello, It looks like your U-blox is detected as a sensor. Please follow this topic.

Thanks for the link, I followed it and now am here. The option to roll back the driver was never available to click, but it’s showing as a com port now.

Did I miss something?

Have you read the manual to know how to connect Agopen to GPS port.

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Did you assign the port in the sub dialog of AgIO? For example click on wheel symbol to connect autosteer board, click on antenna symbol to assign port …

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It seems your latest com port is com11
Could that be ublox?
Unplug ublox and see if com11 go away.

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Thanks to everyone for help, I think I’m on the right track now, com11 is connecting to GPS as far as I see, parked in shed now so no signal yet

Is it trial and error for the other connections?

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No just unplug and replug one USB at a time. The one that goes away and come again is your number

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OK cool, I have a board from Andreas so all components are coming through one USB.

A single USB socket but several COM ports! You have to find which one corresponds to the GPS antenna and which one corresponds to the autosteer.

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Yes, that makes sense, I will try in the morning.

Another small step forward. Disconnected usb and saw these ports as the difference

Com 10 has no signal like the rest.
I tried com8 but got this message.

Check out step by step:

Simply try each availiable port,

First find com port for GPS, (nema messages should be displayed, you can also use u-center to figure it out).

Second find com port for Autosteer board, (Did you download the ardurino software? )

Do you really have an separate IMU board which is connected to usb? I thought andreas use only an PGA extender which is connect via i2c to the autosteer board. Maybe com9 is autosteer board

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You must research /rescan (AOG com ports) agio com ports

Got the GPS port

This is the whole board

Didn’t you get privileged access to the Andreas homepage, autosteer.cc and all his help pages, when you bought the PCB?

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There is communication on com9, try disconnect IMU from com9 and afterwards connect Steer board to com9

You also can search for user Aortner, he supports his hardware

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No not at the time, I’ve emailed him few days ago for access, just that these are days at home with not much else to do only fight with electronics😂

Yes that worked. I really appreciate all the help from you guys here and in other threads, I know it must be frustrating explaining things to beginners like me.

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