Do 12v and 24v interfere?

hello everybody.
I had a doubt, and before making white smoke I thought I’d better ask.
I have the all in one board connected to 12v.
Now I have the 24v motor and the step-up converter 12v-24v to install.
My question is,
12v from the battery goes directly to the converter.
24v comes out.
These 24v go to the Cytron power input, then the Cytron output goes to the steering motor.
Doesn’t the Cytron’s 24v interfere with the board’s 12v?

Which all in one version do you have?

It doesn’t, but connecting it directly to cytron skips current sensor that can be used to disable autosteer if you grab or try to take over control of steering. If you are not planning on using it than connect directly…

You know you have 4 different voltages on your board:
They only share same ground (negative wire). So as long as you don’t apply 24v at wrong place its all good!

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