Do I need a step-up converter if I plan to use a 12v motor?

Hello, I am trying to build an AIO PCB v4.5 based AgOpenGPS system and i`m a bit clueless when it comes to motor choices. I plan to use this 12V motor 12V/0.5Kg-cm/670RPM 3.7:1 DC Gear Motor - 3265_0 - Phidgets because in my head i don’t need a step up converter if the motor is only 12v. Now my question is is this motor strong enough for steering and if yes can i use it without a step up converter since it is only 12v? Also can I use it with a cytron? Any advice is appreciated.

A step up converter is if you’re using a 24v motor. So no, you don’t need it with a 12v motor. And yes, you’ll need a cytron. I have no idea on the motor tho.

Thank you!

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Are you sure this motor will move your wheel? I also bought wrong first time.

I’m not sure honestly, that’s why I asked. I am trying to get away with a 12v motor so i don’t have to buy a step up converter, it’s cheaper and it saves me the hastle of wiring and etc. I mostly run newer equipment with power steering so i think i should be enough but if anyone thinks it’s wrong i want to what other motor to use.

That’s a pretty small motor. I would just get the regular 24 volt one most people get. You can run it on 12 volts if you want. Then if you decide you need more power later just add a converter

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And there are lots of 3d files for this motor already.

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Every motor has its rated torque… its how much weight it can move per cm in shafts diameter. (The bigger gear on motor means less power)

You can use a hanging measure scale and pull the wheel with it and se how much KG you need to move the wheel and then pick a motor. Also, the diameter where you attach the scale on the wheel is also important. Attach it where your big gear will be… closer to the center of wheel also need more power to move/further from center need less power.

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