Downloading AgOpenGPS

There are 2 main places for source code and application.

If you want the application, go here: and download the application. Unzip it and run AgOpenGPS.exe

If you want the source code you have 2 ways. Go to the main github page Click on clone or download and select download zip. Unzip the file and run AgOpenGPS.sln to open in Visual Studio.

You can also click on the source code on the release page to download the source code associated with that particular release.


I don’t know if I am missing something here but I’ve tried to download and install this in three seperate PC’s and the application will not open. I got it to open on one PC by running in safe mode but resolution was poor. The wiki document mentions deleting the user directory if ot won’t open but that seems to do nothing? Anyone have so tips on getting this working?

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I made a quick video for showing how to download v4 my apologies there is no audio on this one. An issue maybe that windows blocks the program unless you click more info and then run anyway. Hopefully this video shows what to do. The AgOpenGPS folder that is mentioned to delete is usually in Documents.

I tried following your video with the same result. The warning from windows does not come up. I am using windows 7 and thought AOG was compatible? I tried turning off windows defender, deleting anti virus, and nothing works. the task manager shows the application running but nothing on the screen?

I would like to add that it opens with the computer in safe mode so there is something in the windows program that wont let it open I am just struggling to figure it out. I am surprised no one else has had this issue?

No problem with v4 on win 10 pro, on a Lenovo Thinkpad T420 with core I5
Must admit that laptop had never had any previous AOG versions , if that could be an issue.

Good news, Not sure what I did but it worked, I opened a new user on the PC and put the downloaded file in the new directory extracted it and it opened? Thanks everyone for your help.

une fois le logiciel sur le pc vous arrivez a cree des parcelles ?? comment faite vous ? et comment faire pour tracer les droites pour desherber ??

Demandez-vous comment vous commencez un champ? Vous devez ouvrir un champ avec l’icône en bas de la page, puis utiliser les icônes à droite de la page pour créer des lignes A-B.

Here is some info that I thought might be useful to optimize Windows 10.

I had similar issue with windows 7, when starting the program nothing appears on screen. But in task manager you see that AOB is running.
When using safemode the AOB started OK.

Eventually the issue was caused by the setting “text size” which I had in 125%. after switching to 100% AOB started properly.

Nice video
but what about the V.4.3 release?
The file .msi does not execute itself on W 7
I got also error win32 or something ?

And what about the matching arduino code : how to configure ?
Which file name (arduino file name )
I am lost whith the new release