Dual Antenna with Simplertk2b and Simplertk2blite

Hope someone can help please. I’ve got a simplertk2blite mounted on a simplertk2b board and two antenna but I can not seem to get it to work properly . AOG seems to be only picking up 1 antenna . Think it has been meantioned that I need a ESP32 board but I’m not sure which one to get and which files to upload to it all to get it to work.

Perhaps this thread can be of some help: Dual GPS setups

If I understand correctly, the dual F9P setup sends the heading and roll information over UBX protocol, not NMEA. Only the position from the first receiver is sent over NMEA. That’s why a microcontroller is used to process the UBX data and create a custom NMEA message for AgIO to use.

Alternatively, AgIO and AOG can directly process NMEA from the SkyTraq PX1172RH dual antenna receiver board, which isn’t much more costly than the two F9Ps, just for future reference.

Thank you for your reply, I will take a look