Dual GPS novice question

Hello all. I’m just about to start out on my AgOpenGPS journey (amazing work BTW!)
I’ve got a 2 Reach RS2 coming free shortly when another job finishes, could they be used as with AOG as a dual GPS setup?
I assume not as everything I’ve read on here seems to refer only to ublox F9P receivers as dual GPS systems, but thought it would be worth asking, as I only have enough knowledge to be dangerous!

I believe Reach RS2 are F9p

They are F9P but there is not access to all F9P features. While other features are enhanced.

The Ublox on the RS2/M2 runs behind a Emlid neutis quad core chip that handles its interface and enhanced survey math and memory storage.

No easier base setup, with free emlid online caster included.

I use emlid as base but breakout boards as rovers, best of both setups.

Does Aog Dual run on two NMEA streams, or is it the f9p doing the combining majic?

Your last sentence sums up exactly what I’m trying to figure out.
I have a Toughbook vehicle dock that has 2 RS232 ports and am kind of hoping I could just plug the 2 GPSs into those.
The Toughbook CF19 I have is stuck on Windows XP and I haven’t got round to seeing if AOG will load on it yet, (AOG support docs say not), if it won’t I guess I could pick a second hand one up on Windows 10 that would fit the dock for not too much.

do not plan to directly connect your two f9p to your two serial ports the two f9p must have a configuration and a specific connection diagram to send only one nmea frame on one of your serial ports or any other means of connection

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Thanks for the information, to be honest that is what I suspected, but hoped it was otherwise.

I am using CF19 with windows 10. The mk3 is working, but to slow to be happy with it. Mk5 is working very nice, but at the moment i moved to mk8s, because they have been avaliable for the same price.

Use a SSD !!! to speed up the CF19

Drivers are hard to find, sometime old win7 drivers worked for me, or drivers of a newer mk version for the same equipment. I have managed to get every thing working with win10 on the old CF19s.

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Very helpful information. Thanks for your help.