Encoder in JD 7430 premium

I connected the factory Danfoss valve in the JD 7430. It works very well, there is still an encoder to connect to disconnect the automatic control. Pulses from 1.2v to 5v come out of the factory encoder. The question is, how is the most severe way to connect such an encoder to the Autostar? Directly to the remote input it does not work (probably due to the lack of a low state). You could turn off the pullap in ino and give a pull-up resistor to the gnd, but an additional difficulty is the need to transfer the control to other vehicles where I have installed pressure sensors shorting to ground. Maybe someone has a solution for this?

You write Autostar so maybe it is a JD thing you want to connect to, but if it is for AOG I think you can use the new function for pressure turn sensor. Connect to A0 on the nano
For other tractors you select Turn sensor and use remote input.
You will have to make 2 inputs on your control box
Hansdamph writes how here: