Ethernet problems with simpleRTK2B & BNO085 via USR-TCP232-T2

I’m trying to connect my single GPS setup (simpleRTK2b & BNO085) via Ethernet using a USR-TCP232-T2. I’ve followed this thread but I can’t make a connection in AgIO at all.

Some pictures of my setup and configs:

Antenna was connected, just a wrong picture.

I checked all the connections and configurations. Also turned off Windows firewall. Nothing seems to work and I’m running out of ideas :frowning: Does someone have an idea what the issue could be?

But you have no antenna!
It is probably not an IP problem.
Place antenna in open sky,(at least outside Windows)

Antenna was connected, uploaded the wrong picture.
Main problem (for now) seems to be that AgIO cannot find anything. Using version 5.7.2 but same issue occurs with older versions.

Baudrate on both usr and f9p must match.

I think setup file for f9p is 460800 to match the teensy

Does V5.7.2 supports RVC mode already?

I don´t know the USR-TCP232-T2, but I think the IP numbers with indicate you also have an usb to eth switch connected to that computer.
I don´t know if USR require a crossed internet cable?
Try every of the 172 numbers instead of 192.168.5 and see if something comes through.(Default switch would be a good start)
The SEND would send to a Nano or Teensy, but also set AOG.

Or try a normal switch that outputs Ip adresses (like your home router) in between USR and usb-eth switch. And Use the IP your home router has.

I had a likely problem with my usb-eth switch, but only when not connected to home router before connect to USB.
So you could try this: Power USR, connect USR to USB-eth, then connect to computer

I wasn’t aware you could connect the bno via uart. I thought it had to be connected by i2c. You need to connect 3.3v to io ref on the f9p so it communicates using the correct voltage and doesn’t fry the tcp. Have you got the tx connected to the rx?

The Ardusiumple board is, or at least was marked incorrectly. RX is the data output and TX is the input. Why they do this I don’t know. So you need to connect tx to tx and rx to rx.

Also ioref is important as stated above!

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As pictured above, the TX line of the Ardusimple is correct (it’s designed to plug into Arduino’s RX on pin 0), and Ardusimple TX will go to RX on the Ethernet to uart adapter. But yes the ioref line is required.

As for the BNO on uart goes, there is nothing in AOG to process that data over ethernet or serial. Panda (and Panda RVC which may not be released yet) requires a TEENSY to connect to both the F9P and the BNO, and then sends $PANDA NMEA sentences over ethernet to AOG.

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Remote Server Addr:
you have to define instead :

i have the same problem.You must have the same adress remote server and your ethernet adapter. In your case try

Local/remote port may not be labelled right in USR. A few models have jumbled labels. The tcp232 ed2 for example is backwards.

Just like UDP not check remote port, sometimes the english is right sometimes its not. This will turn on off the remote 2233 (check your port not 2223) port for corrections.

Print and sync baud rate should remain unchecked, not used in this instance.

I think I have one of these working connected to an emlid M2, will check settings tonight.

I see a bno, whats it doing?

Ive only actually used UART2, which is incorrectly marked at least with respect to F9P uarts, so my mistake. I didn’t realise UART1 was correctly marked.

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It’s only on the xbee socket that they are reversed

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That rings a bell. I picked up myself a very cheap but actually quite functional and serviceable single channel oscilloscope from Aliexpress. With the probe it’s quite easy to see if there’s data coming off a line, and what the nominal voltage is (5v vs 3.3v). Zeeweii DSO1511G DSO1511E 120M 2.4 Inch Scherm Digitale Oscilloscoop 120Mhz Analoge Bandbreedte Ondersteuning Signaal Generator Handheld| | - AliExpress

A real scope would decide the serial bytes for you which would be nice. But this works for me to sort out these kind of issues.

Here are the working settings from the tcp232 ed2. Windows must of thrown a security update, big problems scanning the network now after a subnet change. Have to restart each time this is new.

Baud is whatever you are using

Should say Remote/local port
Port 2233 is rtcm3 from agio to device
Port 2211 is data to teensy, you will need to change this to agio’s port. is multicast, lets any device have the information

“Not check remote port” is a “check remote port” on this device.

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Ive had an Owon hand held scope for quite a while. Great for in field diagnostics but a bit small for more involved stuff so Ive just bought a Rogol 1054z. Not had chance to use it much yet. Very good price for the spec. It does decoding of some common data interfaces.

No. They (UART2) are reversed on the arduino rail too.

…my base which has been running for 3 1/2 years.

Thanks for all the hints and tips :blush: I’ll look into it.
Regarding the BNO I thought AOG would be able to read it somehow via Ethernet (source). But it sounds like that this is not possible (yet?).

Na not yet. You will need a nano and ethernet module to mount the bno remotely or mount it directly on the auto steer board