F10 receiver

Top of the morning to all! What is the consensus on the F10 that ardusimple released a bit back. Is it a seam less integration with AGO? Does it require dual antenna?

It’s single ant only, the other RF connector is for time pulse output I think. But the F10T can’t do RTK.

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I’m not really sure why ArduSimple is offering an F10T-based board and who their target market is. Seems like the F10T’s purpose is to offer a time source that’s accurate down to 5 nanoseconds. The resulting time pulse signal is 200 MHz, so that needs a coax cable to transmit the time signal. Apparently this is required for hardware used in 5G cell towers? Perhaps other scientific equipment that needs an accurate 200 MHz clock signal, and need synchronization between devices.

Definitely not something useful for AOG.

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