Farming Simulator 22

Anyone play Farming Simulator 22? It looks like there’s a GPS guidance mod but it’s expensive to buy the in game GPS system. We need an AgOpenGPS mod and at times it’s hard to see your coverage when spreading fertilizer or lime, I’m wondering if a coverage map would be possible.


LOL, yes.

I finally gave into this series. The guidance mod seems cool but I wish I could figure out how to export and import the games position data. Then you could use your tablet as the Gps console and control.
Not to mention use it as a testing tool for AOG.

It would require transforming the games position data to NMEA and then back again plus steer info. This program is an onion, the outer layers are easy to mod the inner game engine layer is harder to find data on.

Though at the moment figure they have a bigger issue in game, I ran a combine for 0.5 hours and racked up a $124,000 paint repair bill, but did not burn any fuel. Also I have not trashed a feeder house bar yet, usually do that at least once a harvest.

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LoL nice simulator

I like the idea of running an AoG tablet externally. I noticed the gps mod gets the heading degrees from the game, same number as the HUD shows beside the grid position so should be able to the grid position too but I have no idea how you’d get that out to the tablet. Can a mod/script send data out via UDP? I doubt you’d get USB/com port access.

It’s still not very realistic except I find the grain prices too low for casual gaming but it’s nice way to forget about the cold weather outside.

Ive got the modfile gps steer, went looking for the info. Giants lets you run scripts to change the game so tricky but not impossible.

Just getting good at c#, but fs22 is in Lua. It makes sense when i see math, but the rest is amazing that it executes to create anything.

I wonder if there are modders on a fs22 forum somewhere interested in helping?

There was a “dealer” type fellow who was willing to pay to get it done, in one chat group.

I think the “free” nature of AOG would make this mod if it existed the biggest advertisement for AOG ever. Anyone could use a tablet as a game controller. AOG is smarter than the game AI currently.

Add to my lists of reasons to learn how to master the art of pc. I have made the forestry mulcher kick more butt, so at 0.01% competence in Lua.

There is a mod or at least for farmingsimulator19 there was one where you could use a tablet to run a tractor diagnostics screen. It would look like the screens a lot of us have in the newer more expensive tractors. Don’t know what it is called anymore.
Also the coursplay mod already uses a lot of the users that would be interested in this. And that is a great mod that probably could be used to generead more complex ab lines.

Lets say all the data ins and outs worked.

The conundrum is the game coordinate system is based on x,y,z of a cubic earth

Gga gives coordinates of a sphere. So AOG may draw bananas or it may not matter.

As another aside, all of the tractor graphics and implement mods are freeware. I know aog got a huge graphics upgrade already. But another possible crossover would be using the game tractors graphics in AOG. But not sure of the feasibility of this.

It would not be great for low power tablets, but it would look cool.

One potential issue or limitation of using an external tablet would be that you could only use AgOpenGPS to steer one in game tractor at a time.

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The other helper tractors are trash AI but they work for the most part.

It would not matter that it could only steer one tractor. You can only drive one at a time anyway. The added realism would mostly appeal to those playing it as close to real rules as possible.

Finally after getting some new economy mods, I spent 3 million on equipment that just keeps getting older. I profit but not really enough to buy more land or upgrade anything. I am tempted to take out a loan to get more land, but the loan will most likely eat up any profit of the new property for at least 20 years. Land is $3400 an acre. I had to buy a clapped out massey to pick rocks and run grain cart.

But at least you can freeze time!

That’s starting to sound realistic.


Not possible with winforms, I already explored this way, for this AOG needs a big change

Shucks the models are really pretty, people have been spending huge time getting incredible detail.

But at least its another ag related outlet to learn about programming and help make tough decisions about how to spend future lottery winnings.

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I actually do use AgOpenGPS in Farming Simulator 19. Kind of. The biggest problem is getting data in and especially out of FS as there is no real API to hook into FS externally. The only way i found this to work easily is using an XML that FS writes to and read it with another Program. The programs will often then create a sharing violation and it takes a lot of resources for the Giants Engine to constantly write to XML. All I do is write the Position from FS to the File, read it externally and then turn it into NMEA strings that get sent to AOG via UDP. The required steer angle can get sent back to FS19 as Joystick inputs. I don’t know how much of this I can publish as I did this for a research project at my university. LUA script to write position to XML should be okay but I have to check on that. To convert the position to NMEA I wrote a Python program a while ago, I’ll see if a can dig this up somewhere.

I am also currently working on an API for the connection between FS22 and AgOpenGPS. Yesterday evening I got it working the first time. I drove with the combine through my map and was also able to draw filed boundaries in AgOpenGPS.

I will keep you updated here about my progress. I have still a lot to do, but it was nice to see that it is working in general :slight_smile:


Awesome! while you are at it if you could make the unlimited money supply mod work in real life too :rofl:

But very cool if you have this working, the AI in FS22 is pretty dumb and can only navigate perfect squares.

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How are you bridging the two?

I wrote a mod that is reading the coordinates of the machine and saving it to a XML File.

Then I wrote a application in C# that is reading the XML file, converts the coordinates to GPS coordinates and then sending it via a virtual serial port to AgOpenGPS.

I have still a lot to do and also performance testing, but the result of yesterday evenings coding session was very good. I can share some pictures this evening.


Out of interest, you might want to check out SimDashboard - it’s pretty cool. This guy makes some fantastic screens for it. I’ve used it on my Amazon Fire tablet (once I’d installed the Play store)