Fendt 936 gen6 retrofit hydraulic

Hello all.

Does anyone have tried to retrofit a fendt 900 series gen6 with hydraulic steering. I was not able to get any documentation for where to find the

Load senseing
Left and right.

hello, if it is a profit + therefore pre-equipped it must be driven by can bus

@Flo It is not a profi. It does not have The autoguide Hydraulic valve. So i need to find The

A and b
Load sensing

@Flo i got the original how to mount, but it is not very god descirbed…

900 varioguide.pdf (6.6 MB)

Connecting the valve on every 900 is very easy. Just remove the right rear wheel, all hoses are grouped in one place on a steel plate. My guys take about 1 hour to install the valve on the F 900.

This is still our old solution, now we use an all-in-one valve.

Thanks mate

@baraki do you know if a new Holland T8040 have dynamic of static load sensing?


But the case mx135 is with static LS @baraki

All NH, Case, and related brands have dynamic Ls (if Ls layout)