First time field setup

Hey everyone,

I know there is several videos on first time field setup that i have watched countless times.
I have build my pcb i have the sparkfunk MMA8452 with the cyton control. I run a WAS purchased from Princess auto and the phiget steering motor. And im running the AOG V4 software.
I hoocked up everything and everything is working its steering and following an ab line as good as my current settings allow it.
My question is, in some of the videos brian talks about the roll and the IMU. When I go into my DATA SOURCE menu im think i select all the proper things but when i go back to my main screen it does not show me any value for roll or IMU.
To verify My FIX setting should be GGA?
HEADING: Fix to fix and im not sure what my heading correction Scource should be?
ROOL: my roll source would be from auto steer?
Then i save and restart AOG.
But still no reading for roll or IMU.
What am i doing wrong or am i missing hardware parts?
The help is greatly appriciated.

if I have my information correct you wont get an imu reading unless you have a bno
if im wrong someone will have to correct me

Ok that makes sence i was wondering that i needed something else to give me a heading.
But any reason y im not getting a Roll?

I don’t know I haven’t really set up a system using roll
I haven’t really set up a working system for that matter
still having trouble with WAS

I was Having trouble with WAS when i had everything loose and bench tested it i just had alligator clips for connections. and i got a very poor WAS reading and it would not steer my motor but once i made solid connections it worked worked fine.

Did you watched this video?

Do initial setup in the field without ROLL and IMU active makes it much easier…try to find straight level ground as well. Once you can drive a straight line then start to add IMU and ROLL. I have been running this season with no IMU or ROLL and have had very good results!

SO i used the gps the last few days and it worked with out a problem. I turned the Roll off and don’t have a IMU signal anyway.
But i don’t understand why i don’t have a Roll signal even tho i got a MMA8452Q installed.
Im not looking to plant with it this year anyway so the accuracy it provided me with for spraying bare ground and fertilizing was good enough. But i do want to build on it to be able to plant with it next year. Any recommondations on what to use for my IMU signal? And any thought of why I dont see a roll value come up.

You need to go to data sources and tell it your getting roll from auto steer and then go to module configuration and tell it you have an MBA and which axis to use and then send it away to the module

I got the accelerometer installed and tested in garage but the way I mount it in tractor causes it not to work
I suppose I may have to remount the accelerometer in the box so that x and y are proper.
Is there another way?
Is it possible to have a selection for Z as well as X and Y in agopen?