Flow meter

What can someone tell me about this flow meter? Is this a does H-E mean Hall effect sensor? 5v - red? signal white? Black ground?

Red is signal
White is 5V
Black is ground

It’s a Hall effect sensor.
Looks like a micro Trak flow meter

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Now… flow valve. For testing can I apply analog voltage to this valve without damaging anything?

You can,
I’ve just finished playing with the same valve.
12v will drive it open, swap the polarity and it will drive closed. It stops wherever you disconnect the power and stays there.

Has about a 4 second cycle time.

If you connect it to a cytron you can drive it open and closed with the MA and MB buttons.

Are you planning on using rate control app? Or coding something yourself?

I want to try the rate app. You?

So I bought a new Hall effect sensor. @Hman That link you post doesn’t have the pin out. :cold_face::cold_face: do you have a link that would have that info or are you going off your setup? I want to double, double check……

Just going off the one I have here.
I only worked it out by trial and error. Don’t think they are sensitive to being connected wrongly, just don’t work if so.

What do i need to test the rate app at home?

A tractor and sprayer. :joy:

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So I got a new Hall effect sensor as above. I have black to ground. White to 5v. Red to pin 10 (RC15). And I still don’t get any action in the spray app. If I remove the Hall effect sensor and tap pin 10 to 5v I immediately see flow in the rate app. Any ideas?

Is there settings that need to be changed to recognize the Hall effect sensors signal?

The highest voltage I have seen on the signal wire is 2.5v. Is there a voltage divider I should be by passing for that low a signal voltage?

You could be right. Try using a smaller resistor, maybe 800 ohm between pin 1 of R2 and pin 1 of U1.

Sorry that was the wrong opto. It should be pin 1 of R1 and pin 1 of U4.

Ya that would probably be a better solution.

Set this up before your reply and Viola!!!
Just some wrapping wire direct.

That works too!

Next board will have have a switch for 5v and 2.5v signal :wink::wink::wink::grin:

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