Free Pilot

I’m wondering if anyone has used the agopengps software with Free Pilot. I have been using the FarmerGPS program with it, which I like, but I think the agopengps has more options for the motor control. Johannes has been great to work with while he was actively selling them, but has gone on to other things :slight_smile: I just purchased the simpleRTK2B system, and everything works fine if I connect with usb, but that eliminates the Free Pilot (which connects via bluetooth) I believe I need a TTL to RS232 adapter to connect to the simpleRTK board. Any help will be appreciated or direct me to a conversation about this.

I’m wondering now what Free Pilot is? Is that the steering motor? I have mostly just used the phidgets motor but did use trimble ezsteer with aog first year. Good to hear from other’s in SK.

Free Pilot is the FarmerGPS auto steer. You can go to his website of the same name. They were having trouble with some communications so they discontinued. I haven’t had any issues, well except sometimes a failed connection. I’m thinking it would have no problem communicating with the agopen software, but I’m not sure. The agopen software does recognize that it’s the freepilot.

I was a Farmergps-freepilot guy myself. I agree that Johannes was great to work with, he looked after me really well. I never tried my free pilot with agopen, but I don’t think it would ever turn fast enough for u-turns. I bought the Phidgets motor and used the mounts from the freepilot.:slightly_smiling_face:

So did you still use the Free Pilot box to control the steering motor? If not, where did you get the Phidgets motor and controller? And will this communicate with the simpleRTK system.

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No, I went full Aog. Just so many more features. Where I found the Farmergps system could be a little jerky Aog is so smooth. Definitely a steep learning curve to build and get it going though.

I built pcb v2 and control the Phigets with cytron.

I think the features are definitely more, and the ability to do headlands, and run a swather is enticing. I just got the simpleRTK, but I don’t think it will communicate through the Free Pilot. The Bluetooth was nice. There’s a diagram on Is this what you built?

I also liked the Bluetooth.

The picture in your link shows some of the components, but the whole pcb is more involved. Search pcb v2 at the top and you will find plenty of pictures and some assembly videos.

I have looked, and everything seems real complicated, sorta. And this Andres guy speaks another language! I would love it if it was just built, although most here like the adventure. I’ll keep looking for the diagram. Haven’t found it yet

Try this thread.

Time flies, and I should have ordered the parts for that nicer motor. I was fighting with making the free pilot work, and then the worst happened, got some wires crossed and I think I fritzed the motor controler. You wouldn’t happen to have the old free pilot lying around to get me out of this predicament… :slight_smile:

@conrad.hein I have the free pilot stuff here. Are you looking for the motor, the black box, or both?

My motor is good I think, it’s the black box, and I’m not sure which component fried. You can still get the controller from Robot Power, but I’m not sure if it’s that board or the one below it. Electricity follows least resistance. What you want for them? and did you get some rain?

Got about 3/4 of an inch today. Much needed!

If it will get you out of a bind you can just have my control box.

Rain is good! We haven’t had any in weeks. You under irrigation?

Your offer is generous. I texted Johannes couple hours ago and he said they’re pretty much obsolete… no parts or support… I’ll see about a way to get it my way, or I’ll just go on a road trip. I can’t seed without that box… I grew up in a town not far from Brooks.

Brooks is my name.:grin:

I’m actually North of Drumheller.

lol! I should learn to read! How far north?

About half an hour.

Okay. Sounds good. Wow… didn’t realize what time it was…ttl

Is it okay to swing by your place Monday afternoon?