Friction Wheel's

Just wondering what everybody is using for their drive wheel on theyre phidgets autosteer motor (phidgets#3269_3 ) :clap:.

friction wheel 3dprint friction wheel

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I used one of these on my Gimson Robotics motor and below in amongst this quite long post is how I fitted it.

[EDIT…] I see the phidgets motor has a key way fitting so slightly different to mine but the same method would basically work.

so your hub is 3d printed ?

Yes. Turned the wheel on my sprayer covering 15000 acres without fail last year.


Soooooo, you’re saying the little rubber wheel paid for itself :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Has anybody found a ready to install option to install directly on to 12 mm shaft on the phidgets motor? :thinking:

I’ve used these.
Foam tyres: Rc Auto Spons Banden En Wiel/12Mm Hex Foam Banden Voor 1/10 Schaal On Road Racing Auto model Speelgoed Accessoire|Onderdelen & accessoires| - AliExpress
12mm flange: 1Pc 3Mm/3.17Mm/4Mm/5Mm/6Mm/6.35Mm/7Mm/8Mm/10Mm/11Mm/12Mm/14Mm Stijve Flens Koppeling motor Gids As Koppeling Motor Connector|As koppelingen| - AliExpress
Needs some drilling though…
20190412_221759 20200327_174126

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Not ready made - maybe easy made. Got a brass bushing, cut a slot lengthwise, pushed on, cross drilled with roll pin, pushed on rubber wheel