Getting PCB Built

Hey guys, it’s been a while, I can see that development continues apace. Amazing work.

I’m still working on my own little project and have got it all working pretty well. AOG guidance system with an R-Pi controlling the speeds and direction; it’s pretty reliable, but keep shaking connections loose as I’m still working with breadboards wires and components.

I need to get a PBC printed and built.

First question is, is anyone selling any?

Second question, if not, can I ask where UK bods are ordering yours from? I’ve been looking at JCL, but keep getting stuck uploading the CPL file as I can’t see an xls version in the AutosteerPCB_Gerber files. Can upload the Gerber files and Parts List, but can’t see a compatible CPL file.

I could edit and convert the ComponentsList to an XLS, but thought I’d ask here first.

I’ve got a spare pcb v2. Bare pcb from JLCPCB.

I sourced my parts from Ebay but I tend to use RS now, or Digi-Key for stuff RS don’t have. Both very fast and reliable here in the UK.

Cheshire. UK

Ok, that makes sense, thanks.

Would you be willing to sell your spare board, or are you keeping it?

I tend to do a big order of parts from LCSC and get the rest from RS. PCBs from JLCPCB but I do the surface mount assembly myself.
I’ve got bits on the slow boat from China currently for my custom PCBs if you’re interested in one at some point.

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Quote just in….

5 off @ £38.00 each

Tooling £90.00

Delivery 5 days

That’s just for the bare PCB.

I ordered the KaupoiModV4_1 from JLCPCB it is really cheap.


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Yeah something’s not right there…
My latest order of 10x PCB, 10x front panel PCBs and a SMD stencil cost £24 + shipping.

Yes, I’d part with one. :+1:

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You’re a good man, Alan. Thanks for the offer, but I went ahead and ordered 10 PCBs from JCL for about £3 a board (plus the same again in postage). Uploaded the parts list to digikey as you suggested and bought two sets of everything for about £200.

I’m just looking at the components list now and am stuck on the top 3 items:

CONN_02PTH3, CONN_03LONGPADS and 04LONGPADS. Cant even get many sensible results from Google as to what these are. Are they just pin header banks?

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