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Hello all,

I am new to the group and new to the whole idea of open source gps/guidance. I have an extremely small farm in southern Arkansas and am looking at a cost friendly and efficient system for our 4840 and 4850 tractors. I am thinking of starting with just the guidance and working my way to auto steer as my knowledge of the subject increases. I have no background for the coding/software side, but am willing and able to learn. Any suggestions on reading material for this is greatly appreciated.

Please show me the error in what i am thinking of starting with, as my entire 150 acres is in a block that stretched no more than 3000 yards in a straight distance from our homes. The simpleRTKB2 starter kit and additional rover seem to be the best place to start, adding the windows tablets with the AOG software and starting to walk through the tutorials. As i have no experience with any GPS tractor system, i am unclear on the need for a gps antenna. If so what is the best suggestion. Very sorry for the the noobie questions, but I really would like to be as efficient as possible. If this does put me on the right track for the simple guidance, am i setting myself up for an easier transition to auto steer?

Thanks in advance for any pointers.

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Hoping someone can help me please !
I have fixed up my breadboard initially with a steer angle sensor attached to try and begin to understand how things work, as suggested on a desktop, before moving on.
two problems initially - first when I turn off the simulator and restart I just get the screen as per the screen shot below.


This happens even if I attach the gps input (ublox f9p with antenna) via usb and open the relevant port in agopen. Also, when the gps is opened up via relevant port, an nmea string appears when I connect but it is shown vertically as opposed to horizontally in Brian’s video. Presumably i’m doing something wrong!
Also if I try to do a boundary the program says ‘no gps source’ or similar?

Second thing is I cant find the .ino files for the Arduino to use, please?

Thank you for help in advance from a green, newbie!!


Ok, 1st problem in the screen shot. Your GPS source needs to be working properly to draw the field etc. That’s why your screen looks incomplete.

As you’ve tried to hook up your GPS I think what’s happening is that you’re trying to send too many NMEA messages. You really only need GGA and VTG. In order to do this you’ll have to disable the other excess messages in U-Center. Keep in mind you can only have one port open at a time do you’ll have to close AOG before reconfiguring in U-Center.

The .INO files are now packaged in a separate folder on the desktop provided you used the installer. If not you’ll find them in the source code folder.

Hopefully this will help you get started. Let us know if it works or if you have any more questions.

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Use Andreas his Config file from the forum here. Set AoG at 8Hz.

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Welcome to the group! No farm is too small and the coding side is not necessary as long as you are willing to learn something along the way.

Suggestions for reading/watching material are as follows:
*The Wiki
*The Combine forum threads
*Everything here
*Watch all of Brian’s YouTube videos

No error in your thinking as far as I can see. Just make sure you get the LR kit for this set up. The confusing part is the terminology regarding GPS receivers/antennas. A good analogy might be an old school TV set with an antenna. The GPS receiver is like the TV set it decodes all of the signals that come in through antenna. The TV set isn’t much good without an antenna. Those domes that you see on the front of the cabs of modern tractors are usually GPS antennas/receivers in that both the receiver and the antenna are inside the dome.
The ardusimple kits are simply all of the parts for a complete DIY “dome” just separated out into individual pieces.

Yes this setup would put you on the right track for simple guidance and an easier transition to auto steer.

All you need for simple visual guidance is A Windows tablet with USB ports running AgOpenGPS and a GPS receiver/antenna combo.

Then when you’re ready for Auto-Steer all you have to add is a Phidgets Motor, a Wheel Angle Sensor, and a PCB board

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