GPS antenna

What are the best antennas to use

Just checking first: are you really after GNSS antennas or do you actually mean “the best GNSS receiver”? In this context people often talk about the antenna when they mean the complete receiver with an antenna.

Also for the best: I don’t think we need the best antenna, they cost thousands and are intended for mm accuracy. Are you after the best antenna at a specific price range? The ANN-MB antenna from Ardusimple is only 53 Euros and is very popular here.

Only going to initially use the light bar for guidance what do I need to get a gps signal to the program sub meter accuracy is all I need

OK, I’d suggest the Ardusimple simpleRTK2B starter kit:

but if you browse the discussion forum, you can find other similar products as well as other products that come with a complete housing etc. but at a significantly higher price.

SimpleRTK2B comes with SBAS support now and is RTK capable if you later on want to upgrade.

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Thank you I will read up on them

Hello, can i use some sort of extension cord from antenna to Ardusimple bord? my barn roof is much higher than original cord from Ardusimple. Thanks in advance.

You can use an extension cord with SMA connectors. The total length can be up to 10m.
Ardusimple has extension cables on offer.


Anyone know could you use a trimble AG25 antenna with an F9P?

Yes it would work just fine. I wouldn’t go out and buy one (the Beitian BT-300S is far cheaper and just as good), but if you had one already, it will work.


Already have it mounted just hadn’t considered before I could use it

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Need the Beitian antenna anyway when the AG25 gets broken. :wink: Recently borrowed mine for a Trimble setup (neighbour’s AG25 had lost all L2 birds). There are many AG25 antennas in use, still does not seem to explain why so many are broken.


Moisture was the biggest reason when i worked for trimble.


I had a couple AG15s for the EZ-steer but they filled with water and quit working. The BT-300S works quite nicely with the Trimble receivers, as well as my F9Ps.

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