GPS out problem

I think there is a problem with GPS OUT. I am feeding NMEA into climate field view and my tractor icon always drives sideways. When I view the VTG message, the heading value is 0 when heading due west and my tractor icon is straight north. Shouldn’t this value be 0 when heading north? I don’t know how to fix this but would sure appreciate a fix very soon.

What version?

I downloaded the latest V6.3 AGOPEN today GPS out is V1.0.12

I do have my AIO board sitting sideways in the cab with the amp connector to the side. Then I have my roll axis set as Y. Everything works great in AGOpen. Unless that’s affecting NMEA output

A temporary fix might be to align the tractor straight North, power off the auto steer board and restart. This should point the imu North.

Ya that does it. Hmm that’s gonna be inconvenient. Hard to fix

And you did select single fix to fix heading in AOG. It is like the gps out, only send dual combined with IMU

I can’t find the setting you’re referring to. Can you tell me where to find it? I am using single antenna, if that’s what you’re wondering.

Select single here, under antenna type.
I do not know the Gps out system, so can´t help you there.

Ok I’ll double check that but I’m sure it’s set for single.

I think it’s using the IMU heading (which starts at 0 at power up regardless of orientation) instead of the fused GPS-IMU heading (which fuses GPS’s heading with IMU’s change in heading), probably a fix coming once SK21 has time.

Ya I think your right. Looking forward to the update!

I see there is a recent update to GPS Out. Does it include a fix for this problem?

The latest update on the master branch checks write timeouts and closes the connection if there are too many. There is another branch GitHub - SK21/GPS_Out at fix2fix that uses the fix2fix heading from AOG. It requires editing the pgn in AOG. It has had only bench testing.

Ok sounds good. I’ll wait till this is tested further. Thank you.