GPS signal for planter

After planting this spring I pulled all of my Trimble system out and installed AOG. I got my speed signal from GPS to my planter for acres and population. Does anyone know how to get a speed pulse from AOG steer module ?

You mean like a radar pulses/mile signal?

Yes, for speed to get population on a Deere 250 planter monitor.

Should be simple enough to add. I wonder if there’s any sort of standard for a range of pulses that’s compatible with most equipment out there. I think our Precision Planting monitor can take quite a large range of pulses per ft for calibration. It will require some extra parts for electrical protection, maybe it can be added to v4 PCB.

Impulse’s per 100m!

I have it working for my fertiliser spreader , but still waiting for more accurate speed pgn.

I am using ublox co99. I may be able to get a pulse ouput from there. The JD monitor has a variable you adjust to make speed match. Can just use a hockey puck antenna, bu didn’t want to add another GPS antenna just for planting.

Which tractor do you use with this planter, does it not have a plug that gives a speed signal? Pretty old tractors have that plug standard.

Is there any reason not to use a signal from a fast spinning axle (like the front wheel drive axle or somewhere from the implement). Just a proximity sensor or even cheaper and simpler a magnet and a reed relay.


Modified dual GPS code. Added speed pulse output to Matthias’ latest ethernet beta. theGtknerd wrote the code and provided the electronic schematic on “Dual GPS Setups”
Outputs speed pulse for John deere computrac planter monitors, and probably others.

AOG_GPS_ESP32 - Google Drive 8

Here is the optocoupler

It is set up to use pin 12 and the ground next to it from the esp32, for the input to the optocoupler.

How do you connect the esp32 to an ardusimple rtk2b board? I’m not getting any speed out of it so wondering if I got it wrong.

I was using Benjamin’s dual pcb. The connections are in the top of the arduino sketch. However you need speed from pin 12 of the esp32 after GPS is correct.

Did you make this to send the signal through ?
V+ is pin 12 from esp32. V- is ground

Ya I made that. Ok I found the wireing diagram. So will it work even if I’m using single gps?

I believe so. Make sure you connect the polarity correct from the monitor

@Jhmach This is a very old thread but just curious what you ended up doing for the speed?

What is the planter looking for? A pulse ever so many feet or every so many meters?

It takes a frequency or tone.
We got it working fine.
It is on the all in one boards.