GPS simulator with NMEA output

Hi All,

I’d like to build a bench test simulator for GPS so that I can test rate control, variable rate and turn compensation while stationary.
I need steering wheel and throttle control, that can output a NMEA feed to other consoles (e.g. Topcon, Agleader, Trimble). two rotary dials, one for steering and one for speed would be fine.

IS this something that AOG would be capable of or am I better off looking in another direction?


This external simulator for AgOpenGPS could probably be modified to this use quite easily: External simulator using a game engine (Godot) . Currently it outputs only $PAOGI-message, but modifying it to output NMEA should be easy. For serial port support this would need some twiddling because Godot engine doesn’t support them by “out of the box”. Very quick search led to this module that could handle that aspect, though: GitHub - matrixant/serial_port: A godot module support serial port communication.