Grade control

Has anyone successfully implemented grade control with Ag open software.
for a grader, dozer or scraper. Even simply grade or elevation indicator would be a big step.

Brian did, 2 years ago.

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Hi yes Open Grade you can find a lengthy thread on combine forum. Ive been using on dozers fairly extensively. Also some blade / scraper work . Actually helped plow some tile with it this spring.

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any work going on towards making open grade full 3d.I know some that might have the time and knowledge to get it done. A description of the code that what we have now and were we need to be for full 3d contour Plus machine control. would probaly be enought to get started. Anyone working on this.

Hi all of the discussion is on combine forum under OPEN GRADE . The code was all done by Brian T .
I think he took AOG and built it of the same basic software?

are you using automatic valve control? It is possible to do this?

No its just guidance kindave like a lightbar for your blade.

Oooo flashback from 2 years ago!

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Yesterday I used MS visual studio for the first time.
I looked in OPENGRADE code and managed to put one more number to the USB machine output.
It work with the right red/green bar and output 100 when right on cut line or no line (when no red or greens bars) and vary from 1 to 199, each number is one millimeter (+/-99)

I hope I can make a arduino code with this!
With an on-off valve we will be able to adjust the deadband and I hope this can be used to control a prop valve

@BrianTee_Admin Can I share this .exe with every one? (put on google drive)

If anyone is interested I have now my opengrade and arduino code working. It’s for on-off valve and you can adjust the dead-band in millimeters (in the arduino). It’s not nice coding yet but it work

It’s me please.

Interested :slightly_smiling_face: “Too much Water” has one made too maybe you 2 should merge your code :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: I would like to try them both actually are your goin to post in github??

If you are interested you can PM me I will send you a copy.
I have no github yet and I think the code is not perfect yet so no public release now. I will wait for feedback and test it myself on an actual machine.

If someone have an autosteer.ino that work with opengrade i am interested, I don’t know what version will work since the code is almost 2 years old.

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I think I have successfully implemented a “laser mode” in OpenGrade.

It’s the left RecButton, Press “Push to Zero” to select the height and when activated it move the blade to this height from anywere in the field. (with the hydro valve and the visual bars)

I will test it in the next days. If someone is interested testing it, contact me


I would like to try it im in the process of getting a valve to install on Dozer. I already have RTK installed on blade for manual control. So only need the valve. by laser you mean totally flat without any slope in any direction?

Yes, totally flat
Its only a button “cboxLaserModeOnOff” and 3 lines of code!

in “OpenGL.Designer.cs” line 415

if (cboxLaserModeOnOff.Checked)
//in cm
cutDelta = (pn.altitude - ct.zeroAltitude)*100

I will work more on it next winter, maybe with with slope but I think this will be much more complex.
But right now I was looking for a fast way to make it work level from anywhere in the field.

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yep that has been a drawback when wanting to leval a pad or something and the survey line only reads like 13 ft each side.

To change this modify the line:

if (minDist < 15) // original number is 15(3.9 meter). I use 9000 (95 meter) meter2 = value
in OpenGL.Designer.cs near the line 526:

To make a full 3d I think one way is to find external software to make the map and after import something like one point per scare meter. OpenGrade is already always searching for the closest point (from the survey line) and if close enough it activate the light bar.

Here I have my modified OpenGrade
It have a valve output for on/off or prop valve (connect in autosteer port),
a laser mode(to level at same height from anywhere)
and an extended distance to level from the line (95m, 300ft)
Edit: removed the link to an old file.

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Thanks. Were did you get your proportional valve? My on/off directional control valve is coming from trausch dynamics.