Grafik issue/bug

Hey everybody,

warning, bad english below :slight_smile:

I have a interesting Grafik issue/bug.

My Setup:
Trekstor Wintron 10.1
UBloxs Antenna
USB connected
Version 5.1.4

I use it without Autosteer (is in produce), only as a guide.


sometimes the tractor and the implement are “glued” on the ground, only one corner from the implement is moving with me.
Restart from AG and the Computer doesnt work.

I hope someone has a good idea.


@littlefarmer Have you pressed the trator so that the red arrow down disappears when you drive forward?

@pniels thanks for your answer.

What do you mean with press „the trator“?
The red arrow disappears when I drive forward.

@littlefarmer it happens once in a while my AOG does not detect that you are driving forward, then you have to press the tractor, and then the graphics may look a little funny, but that is not your problem when the red arrow is gone

@pniels I had that once, that AOG means I drive all time backwards.

Next time I try that with the Tractor. You mean that I push in the middle of the Screen or exactly the tractor?


exactly the tractor

So, I have tried some tests.

Tapping on the tractor doesn’t work.
Changing to 5.1.5 doesn’t work too.
If the board is connected to the USB port and the Simulator ist on, the bug is there too.
If I disconnect the board, the Simulator runs perfectly. I try again, to be shure.

I think the Board is the issue.

I want to change the port config in U Center, but I can’t. I change the settings to push on send, go to Configuration, choose all devices, check the Button „Save current configuration“ and push on send again.

After closing und reopening u center. The port config are on the Factory Settings again.

Is it possible that I can’t change port setting, if the board is connected with a USB Port ?

New informations with my issue.

When I Touch the Area around the Tractor reproduces the “Bug” with Antenna and on the Simulator.
Is there a function behind?
I know If i touched the Tractor, the direction of the Vehicle changed.

Thanks for reading.