Gy-85 bmp085

Hello, I´m loocking for a imu sensor, and its difucult to find bno08x. I see in aliexpress, GY-85 BMP085 model its valid for agopengps?

Hello I orderd this one 1 week delivery time.

ok i see
but Gy-85 bmp085 could be used or no have quality?
thank you

I do not know. Srry

Do not buy that one: You would have to make an INO to do all the necessary calculations that the BNO085 does automatically inside.

Ok thanks

That is some real dirty advertising - there isn’t even a BMP085 on the board.


  1. 9 axis module (3 axis gyroscope + 3 accelerometer + 3 axis magnetic field)
  2. Immersion Gold PCB process
  3. Chip: ITG3205 + ADXL345 + HMC5883L

This is a bmp085 - barometric Pressure / Temp

thanks for your help