Hardware Requirements/Help

Hi All…I’ve started down the AgOpenGPS rabbit hole and so far so good. I’ve been able to setup and configure the software/simulator…start fields…all the good stuff. Now onto the hardware. I am looking to setup a system for our 4 row corn planter…using the 12V AGLeader Surestop row offs. The problem is the myriad of options on the AgOpenGPS side. There’s so many posts its hard to know where to begin. Not looking to do autosteer at this point. Just a “simple” lightbar setup with section control. I understand that I would need some sort of display for in the tractor, thinking about an ArduSimple GPS/RTK kit. Looks like from the posts I will need a PCB board? I assume that interfaces between the GPS/Arduino/etc. Any guidance or pointers would be appreciated. I’m sure there’s a “how to guide” on here somewhere…just can’t seem to find it. TIA

Here’s a guide… Section control info in the Implement section

Hi Chris,
You may have already found this excellent article from Davidwedel’s link.

In the tractor, you need a windows tablet to run AOG, the F9P module, a machine board as described in the link above, probably need a USB hub/switch so you can connect both the F9P and machine board to the tablet via. USB. Then some way to get RTK corrections for good accuracy. You don’t need a autosteer PCB if your only wanting to do lightbar and section control.

@Davidwedel that is a great tutorial! I haven’t seen that.

I like the Machine UDP. USB is great for beginners. It can drop comms if not grounded properly, large current draw, etc. If the ones using it are interested in learning how to reconnect, etc. USB is great. If you have older operators that want it simple. Go with UDP. It will always connect unless it’s unplugged.

I didn’t use a PCB. Just nano, relay board as mentioned, and Ethernet adapter. If you haven’t already, invest in weather pack connectors, or some other form of connectors.

I am running surestop on 12 row and works better than our Ag Leader! I also am using @MTZ8302 setup (for toggles switches instead of screen buttons only). It has worked great with the relays. You are on the right track. Buy parts and build. Brian and many other brilliant people have created something amazing for free. It’s a huge eye opener to what’s possible on a budget.